Thursday, September 07, 2006

Endgame Blair: The Curry Conspiracy

Its not been the best week for Tony Blair, to begin with an understatement. First came the embarassing memo leaked to The Daily Mirror detailing plans for Blair's farewell tour which included appearances on Blue Peter, Songs of Praise and Chris Evans' Radio Show. Some blogocrats, notably Iain Dale and Guido speculated that the memo was leaked from the Blair camp. This aquatic creature thinks they're wrong. For a start its revelation was quite humiliating for the Prime Minister. Second, it was a Kevin Maguire scoop. (Tuesday evening saw the peerless Maguire being hailed as the greatest journalist in the world by a bunch of impressed hacks, including emeritus Graunist Michael White, in The Marquess of Granby.)
Then came news that a letter had been to sent to Blair urging him to quit by 15 MPs elected in 2001. Among the signatories was the Brownite junior defence minister, Tom "two dinners" Watson MP.
A co-ordinated wave of resignations led by Tom Watson followed with PPSs Khalid Mahmood, Wayne David, Ian Lucas, Mark Tami, Chris Mole, David Wright and Iain Wright throwing in the towel soon after.
Tom's own brother is said to have quipped "A coordinated attack of government resignations, it must be Al Qaeda".
Westminster watchers were quick to notice the close working links between the resigning MPs, with Dizzy noting that Tom Watson and Mark Tami share an office. This aquatic creature adds another piquant detail into the mix: Iain Wright and Tom Watson share a flat in London and Tom played a key role in securing Iain Wright's nomination for Hartlepool.
Channel 4 News noted that three of the 15 rebel MPs hailed from neighbouring seats in the West Midlands: West Bromwich East (Tom Watson) Birmingham Erdington (Sion Simon) and Birmingham Perry Bar (Khalid Mahmood). It understood that the plot had been hatched in a West Bromwich Curry joint.


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