Saturday, October 07, 2006

Jack Straw Row: Veiled Woman Speaks Out

Mother Perpetua, Mother Superior of the Convent of the Sacred Wounds in Jack Straw's Blackburn constituency, has reacted angrily to Straw's comments about women in veils.
"My nuns don't make a habit of going to Jack Straw's surgeries because we belong to an enclosed order. But if one of us did, she would flatly refuse to accede to his request to remove her veil. Mr Straw says that veils are a visible sign of separation and hinder community relations. But that's exactly the point. We are nuns and we are separate and different. As to community relations, my nuns get on very well with each other, thankyou, mainly because they observe a strict vow of silence."
Mother Perpetua said that the Convent was now considering its options in the light of Straw's words.
She added: "We've ruled nothing out. We may just dedicate a Novena to the conversion of Jack Straw's soul, we might ask the Papal Nuncio to intervene. As a last resort, we'll get Mr Straw a lifetime's subscription to Christian Order magazine."


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