Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tories do BoMo

A few words on The Conservative Party's 2006 Conference in Bournemouth.

Good Conference for: "Dave" Cameron. Dave had another one of his Clause IV moments. He upset the Buffer tendency with his praise for civil partnerships and added insult to injury by declaring that economic stability and 'sharing the proceeds of growth' were more important than tax cuts.

Bad Conference for: Francis Maude. The Party Chairman was forced to apologise as hundreds of people were left queueing for hours to get in.

Not a Happy Conference Bunny: Ann Widdecombe, overheard complaining about the leader's latest wheeze, the Cameron Cam. A peeved Widders complained that she'd been planning to launch the Widdeo-Video and that Dave had ripped her off. Is there no limit to the man's ruthlessness?

Disgusted of Fleet Street: Peter Hitchens. Seen stalking the fringe meetings with a distinctly unimpressed expression on his face.

Conference Babe: Annunziata "Nancy" Rees Mogg. Fun-loving Nancy put a spring in the step of many male Conference attendees.


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