Thursday, December 07, 2006

Seasonal Excess

This aquatic creature was out partying last night into the early hours ... and woke up this morning hungover and regretful. Then, this evening, Little Miss Dolphin's Jamaican grandmother dropped by with bags of delicious Jamaican food.
Jamaican beef stew with carrots, boiled dumpling and rice and peas. Then a chicken leg and a fried dumpling. Oh what the hell, I thought a copule of hours later, ladling yet another helping of the spicy stew, dumpling and rice onto a plate.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Katarina Witt: Birthday Greetings

Ice queen extraordinaire, double Olympic champion, sublime beauty and proudly unrepentant Stalinist, Chemnitz's most magnficent daughter, Katarina Witt is 42 today.
In Calgary 1988 she gave some of the most memorable performances in Olympic history (busting out of her costume at one point). In 1989 as the Berlin Wall was being smashed into the dustbin of history, she continued to defend the indefensible Honecker regime - years later she discovered that some of her most intimate moments had been recorded by Stasi jobsworths.
Her politics suck but she remains one of the most fabulous creatures ever to have graced an ice rink.
As one diva to another, I wish her Many Happy Returns.

Shut Up And Dance!

Maggie's Last Party, doing the rounds of the blogosphere now, has put this aquatic creature in a nostalgic mood.
I spent a large part of the early and mid 90s shakin' my thang at hip hop, soul and r'n'b clubs ... Respect at The Wag, Club Yo Yo, Fresh 'n' Funky on Wednesday nights at The Iceni (Three Pounds before 11, Five Pounds thereafter). The DJs were at the top of their game, the dress codes were strictly no trainers, and while the bouncers may have acted 'stush' now and then, the clubbers were invariably in a good mood.
I played Naughty By Nature's joyful anthem OPP earlier on. Wickiiiiiiiid tune.