Saturday, February 17, 2007

Turn Of The Century Talibanettes

Aquatic creatures like nothing more than some iconoclastic boat-rocking intellectual argument to jerk them awake on a chilly morning. This article with its provocative title:- 'Suffragettes were like Al Qa'eda' did the trick. Christopher Bearman, the author of a thesis on the suffragettes, argues that the "so-called heroines" of the fight for the vote for women actually delayed progress by their "carefully calculated, stage managed, cold-blooded crimes". He says that far from advancing the cause of female emancipation '[the suffragettes] became a positive obstruction to votes for women because no Government could appear to surrender to political violence." Hmm interesting.
He accuses "feminist" historians of failing in their duty to tell both sides of the story, allowing "an extraordinary mythology" to grow up around the events of the early 20th century.
His words have the definite ring of plausibility. Over the past three decades 'feminism' has become a suffocatingly narrow creed, unrepresentative of its core constituency and dominated by incestuous groups of like-minded mediocrities and hatchet-faced apparatchicks. The dissent-crushing petty stalinoids of professional 'feminism' are all too prone to reducing the broad canvas of history to a mere vehicle for their own dreary ideological purposes and churning out hagiographies of dubious 'feminist' saints the better to establish cults in their name. Any scholarly attempt to cast a dispassionate gaze at the historic record free of political blinkers can be assured of a welcome here.