Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Krishnan Guru Murthy charging around the ready-meals counters in M&S on Chiswick High Road, circa 8.50pm.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Europe facing oblivion - Pope Benny

Pope Benedict XVI has poured some decidedly icy water on the EU's 50th birthday celebrations. The EU, currently going through a childish phase of ignoring the continent's Christian roots, cannot "not be built by ignoring its people's identities", he warns perspicaciously. He also draws attention to a more pressing problem: catastrophically low European birthrates.
Pope Benedict is, like his predecessor of venerable memory, an intellectual and as such deserves to be listened to.
That said, as a pontiff he strikes a different note to John Paul. His style is more pessimistic as well as being more discreetly intimate than John Paul's was. John Paul was, as everyone knows, a crowd pleaser, he had a sunny Slavic personality and loved the confidence of young people. Benedict, by contrast has a donnish air about him and seems to be the type of person more comfortable with books than people.
There were some interesting observations about Pope Benedict in Robert Mickens' column in a recent edition of The Tablet. Benedict seems to have quite a strong identification with Pope Paul VI. This could signal something quite interesting. I certainly hope so.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

NUFF RESPECT Gorgeous! We salute your strength and er, your indefatigability

Bonfires are being lit in Bethnal Green, red flags are fluttering resplendently from rooftops the length and breadth of the land and the Iranian ambassador has sent a congratulatory telegram. George Galloway is to be a daddy again.
Gallows' second child is due to be born in May. The proud father is 52 (and already a grandfather twice over) and mother, Rima Husseini is 36.

Dolphinarium extends its congratulations to the leftie left-footer and sends him the following message: Send the kiddie to a Catholic school, George.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

About f***ing time too

Ten years on, The Sindie has admitted it was wrong about cannabis.

' Professor Colin Blakemore, chief of the Medical Research Council, who backed our original campaign for cannabis to be decriminalised, has also changed his mind.
He said: "The link between cannabis and psychosis is quite clear now; it wasn't 10 years ago."'

Its always the way.

Its about time the modish left got over its adolescent rebellion phase and had a mature debate about drugs.


Fergal Keane, on Chiswick High Road, about 5.30pm yesterday.
And a couple of hours later, the authentic sight of St Patrick's Day - a dignified looking grey-haired lady with a sprig of shamrock pinned to her jacket climbing onto the bus after Mass. No plastic paddy, she.
This aquatic creature has fond memories of St Patrick's Day in 80s Hammersmith, King Street alive with green attired locals, schoolgirls with tricoloured ribbons in their hair ... nostalgia beckons.

Barack O'Bama

Just a little too late for a St Patrick's Day post on this. Aquatic creatures can't help but wonder whether Irish ancestry is now an essential prerequisite for American presidential hopefuls.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another Durkin swindle?

Uh oh! A leading US climate scientist says he was duped into appearing on the iconoclastic Channel 4 documentary 'The Great Global Warming Swindle'. Such charges against the programme maker (Mark Durkin) are beginning to seem habitual. Over on the Socialist Unity Blog Andrew Newman has written a comprehensive critique of the programme.
Durkin was behind a similarly iconoclastic series attacking the Green Movement, 'Against Nature', which was shown on Channel 4 back in 1997. All manner of complaints, including distortion by selective editing were made - and upheld by the Independent Television Commission - about the series.
Durkin is linked to what was The Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) which officially shut up shop in 1998 when its organ, LM magazine, lost an expensive libel battle against ITN (an article in LM claimed that ITN had fabricated its 1992 discovery of prisoners held by Bosnian Serbs).
Such a chequered history does not inspire confidence in Durkin's latest effort. That's a shame because some of The Great Global Warming Swindle's points definitely hit the mark.
The fashionable Green agenda is accepted with all too little criticism by the mainstream press. Opportunist politicians and silly celebrities have leapt on the Environmentalist bandwagon (or should that be huskie driven sledge?) and given it a credibility far in excess of its merits. The Green Movement does have a shoddy track record of scaremongering and extremism. Sharp-thinking politicians like Lord Lawson with a background in the rigours of financial journalism have criticised the Stern report on climate change as 'fraudulent'.
If it does turn out that The Great Global Warming Swindle was just another hatchet job Durkin et al stand condemned not for heretical thinking but for f***ing up a primetime opportunity to critique Environmentalism and open up a much-needed debate on its claims and philosophy.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Giving David Coleman STAR billing

For the last week the right wing press has been adither about a campaign being run by the Oxford branch of Student Action for Refugees (STAR) against controversial Oxford demographer, David Coleman. Coleman is a co-founder of Migration Watch and a member of The Galton Society (formerly The British Eugenics Society). Lenin's tomb summarises the story rather well.
Coleman said he was being 'hounded' for his views and STAR's funding (lottery and DFES) was mentioned.
Inevitable, then, that STAR's leadership has stamped on the campaign and distanced itself from the Oxford branch. In a statement, chief executive, Katherine Blaker said:

"As soon as this petition was brought to our attention we immediately discussed the petition with the students concerned, and they agreed not to submit it or to take any further action. The STAR national office does not support, and did not authorise, this petition."

Describing Coleman as a 'well respected academic', Blaker added pointedly:

"STAR student groups are autonomous. We are not responsible for everything they do. We regret that this situation has arisen."

Monday, March 05, 2007

Hillary and Obama on the voter trail

Selma, Alabama was the place to be on Sunday for anyone hopeful of securing the Democratic presidential nomination. The anniversary of the famous 1965 civil rights march saw the wife of the first Black President and the descendent of white slave owners slug it out for top billing in neighbouring Selma churches in a bid to win the crucial 'black vote'. Dick Morris, one time spinmeister in chief to Prez Clinton has been doing some numbercrunching. He writes:

"Obama needs to carry the African-American vote overwhelmingly, while Hillary just has to hold her own to blunt the edge of Obama's challenge. As one New York black political leader put it, 'Obama needs 85 percent of the black vote. But Hillary only needs 35 percent.' "

According to Morris, Obama's problem is two-fold: first that loyalty to Bill Clinton runs very deep among African Americans and second, that in his zeal to court middle-of-the-road white votes, he may have alienated the African American political old guard.

Hillary is apparently taking nothing for granted. Morris writes:

"Her blatant purchase of the support of South Carolina state Sen. Darrell Jackson for $200,000 demonstrates the lengths to which she will go to win enough of the African-American vote to embarrass and perhaps derail Obama. "

Aquatic creatures love this kind of vulgar political spectacle and keenly anticipate more of the same as the battle for the White House hots up.

Pass the popcorn, please.