Friday, March 09, 2007

Giving David Coleman STAR billing

For the last week the right wing press has been adither about a campaign being run by the Oxford branch of Student Action for Refugees (STAR) against controversial Oxford demographer, David Coleman. Coleman is a co-founder of Migration Watch and a member of The Galton Society (formerly The British Eugenics Society). Lenin's tomb summarises the story rather well.
Coleman said he was being 'hounded' for his views and STAR's funding (lottery and DFES) was mentioned.
Inevitable, then, that STAR's leadership has stamped on the campaign and distanced itself from the Oxford branch. In a statement, chief executive, Katherine Blaker said:

"As soon as this petition was brought to our attention we immediately discussed the petition with the students concerned, and they agreed not to submit it or to take any further action. The STAR national office does not support, and did not authorise, this petition."

Describing Coleman as a 'well respected academic', Blaker added pointedly:

"STAR student groups are autonomous. We are not responsible for everything they do. We regret that this situation has arisen."


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