Monday, March 05, 2007

Hillary and Obama on the voter trail

Selma, Alabama was the place to be on Sunday for anyone hopeful of securing the Democratic presidential nomination. The anniversary of the famous 1965 civil rights march saw the wife of the first Black President and the descendent of white slave owners slug it out for top billing in neighbouring Selma churches in a bid to win the crucial 'black vote'. Dick Morris, one time spinmeister in chief to Prez Clinton has been doing some numbercrunching. He writes:

"Obama needs to carry the African-American vote overwhelmingly, while Hillary just has to hold her own to blunt the edge of Obama's challenge. As one New York black political leader put it, 'Obama needs 85 percent of the black vote. But Hillary only needs 35 percent.' "

According to Morris, Obama's problem is two-fold: first that loyalty to Bill Clinton runs very deep among African Americans and second, that in his zeal to court middle-of-the-road white votes, he may have alienated the African American political old guard.

Hillary is apparently taking nothing for granted. Morris writes:

"Her blatant purchase of the support of South Carolina state Sen. Darrell Jackson for $200,000 demonstrates the lengths to which she will go to win enough of the African-American vote to embarrass and perhaps derail Obama. "

Aquatic creatures love this kind of vulgar political spectacle and keenly anticipate more of the same as the battle for the White House hots up.

Pass the popcorn, please.


Anonymous Paddy Garcia said...

Don't really give a toss what these two incredibly priviliged bourgeois politicians get up to. What the US needs is a mass workers party, bring back the radical traditions of the wobblies and others.

3/05/2007 4:39 PM  

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