Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One in 30 aborted foetuses born ALIVE

Following the recent good news from the US comes this timely revelation. A 10 year study of 20 UK hospitals found that 102 babies survived - albeit briefly - attempts on their lives in the womb. They all died after a few hours. The post-partum medical and nursing care they received from personnel who only moments before were engaged in grim attempts to end their lives, must have looked utterly incongruous.

Strangely, that bizarre group of extremists and malcontents which calls itself Abortion Rights has failed to issue any press release on the news. They're hardly publicity shy and are usually quite happy to shriek away on the topic. So why the silence? Aren't they comfortable confronting the reality of what they advocate? It can't be squeamishness, surely. These broads position themselves on the left and like to think of themselves as badder than bad, the shock-troops of anti-natalism. Maybe just this once they felt so shamed-up that they shut-up. Make it a habit, girls.

The woman in the picture, by the way, is Gianna Jessen, who herself survived an abortion attempt. She was injected with a saline solution in the womb. Some eighteen hours later, she was born, desperately ill, weighing merely 2lb but alive. Her luck held. The abortionist had gone home and the nurse on duty, taking pity on her dialled 911. The failed abortion did cause a severe disability and doctors said she'd never be able to hold up her head, sit up, crawl or walk but she went on to confound their predictions. At three she was walking and last year she completed the London Marathon.

Not long before that, this aquatic creature had the privilege of meeting her. She was honestly one of the nicest, most impressive people I have ever met.


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