Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Deputy Leadership politicking

All six deputy leadership contenders have made the 45 nominations benchmark, with a last minute surge of support ensuring Hilary Benn has stayed in the race. It was looking rather dicey for him a few days ago, particularly with the Sunday Telegraph story about his shareholdings. On reading it, my own thoughts were Cui Bono? As were those of well-connected Tory blogger, Iain Dale, who suspects Alan Johnson's team were behind it. Naturally the Johnson camp have denied any involvement. The problem, however, is that the education secretary has acquired something of a reputation for dirty politics. Put simply, there are quite a few people wouldn't put it past him. Not long ago, a certain Labour high-flyer described one of Johnson's machinations to me as 'brutal politics'.


Blogger voltaires said...

Who cares? It's a pointless job for which all the candidates are wankers.

5/18/2007 3:04 PM  

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