Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dolphinarium comment on fall of Lord Browne

BP chief Lord Browne, reputedly Tony Blair's favourite businessman, has been forced to resign after having been caught out lying to the courts about his relationship with former lover, Jeff Chevalier. This is obviously a personal tragedy for Browne, not least because it's cost him £15m, which he would have trousered had he resigned just two months later.
Dolphinarium wants to focus on the real scandal of this case, which, contrary to media comments is not that he lied but why he lied and what he lied about.
Browne claimed that he met Chevalier at Battersea Park (perfectly respectable) whereas in fact he met him through an internet dating site (unutterably vulgar).
Dolphinarium is not impressed.
Public figures like Lord Browne should realise that they have a responsibility to maintain standards. One simply doesn't meet one's significant other, lover or mistress online. It shows a distinct lack of style and is simply not done.
Suitable places for leading businessmen to meet their lovers are corporate cocktail parties, gala nights at the opera, charity functions, receptions at No 10 and such like.
This blog strongly advises Lord Browne to make up for this by reading the last 12 back issues of Tatler magazine and adds the following sternly-worded warning:
Dolphinarium won't be joining in the media feeding frenzy - yet. But any further revelations of a similarly NQOCD nature (ownership of an avocado bathroom suite, Three Tenors CD box set or - God help us - an original Jack Vettriano) and it will lead calls for him to be stripped of his peerage.


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