Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cynics Corner: Secrets, lies and Amnesty International

What do you call an organisation that consults its members on a contentious policy change but ignores the result, censors dissidents, adopts the policy in secret, claims without any verification that the policy has been "overwhelmingly adopted by the global membership through our democratic structures” and then launches a vicious smear campaign against conscientious objectors by accusing them of undermining its "good work"?
It calls itself a human-rights organisation. This blog calls it what it is: a fraud.
Pro-Life human rights activists across the globe have reacted with shock, hurt and dismay at the move.
This blog candidly tells them: wake up and smell the coffee.
AI never had any intention of listening to you. It doesn't care about you. Its leadership made the decision to adopt a pro-abortion policy years ago. The so-called consultation was never more than a fig-leaf for pushing it through. It didn't let its official neutrality on the issue stop it seven years ago, when it joined other groups in pushing for legalized abortion in the UN's declaration on women's rights, opposed by the Vatican. At the time, "Amnesty... accused the Vatican of entering into an unholy alliance with a number of Muslim and developing countries to stop abortion from being enshrined in international law." It didn't let its neutrality stop it from appearing on an Abortion Rights platform at the European Social Forum in 2004.
Want to know how the leadership of AI got its own way? Check out the words of old Uncle Joe Stalin who knew a thing or two about cynical manipulation.
Its not who votes that counts its who counts the votes.


Anonymous Neprimerimye said...

Ah so AI is a 'democratic centralist' organisation, how jolly Stalinist of it and in the best traditions of bourgeois 'democracy'.

So called universal human rights, the rights AI is sworn to uphold, are let it be clear only available to the citizenry of the imperialist countries and then only those able to afford good lawyers. Which is exactly how AI likes it when they ally with the rapacious imperialists and enforce that lame ideology on the former colonial world you misname the developing countries.

Not that I recall the Vatican taking any democratic votes on the question of abortion or showing any respect for the right of women to control their destiny come to that.

8/23/2007 7:38 PM  

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