Friday, August 31, 2007

Gallows Cracks the Whip

Much feverish comment on the far-left blogosphere as George Galloway's letter to Respect's National Council has found its way onto Liam McUaid's blog for all to gawp at.

Here are some highlights from the beginning and end of the document together with some helpful translation notes:


"The Shadwell by-election victory has stunned the New Labour establishment, turned the tide in Tower Hamlets and opened up the real possibility of winning two parliamentary seats in East London,"

Triumphal arches, bouquets, flags fluttering resplendently in the wind.

"[W]hich, together with the potential gain in Birmingham, would make us the most successful left-wing party in British history."

Mmm, mouthwatering. I will give you all their authority and splendour, for it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. So if you worship me, it will all be yours.

"New Labour’s decision to try to rehabilitate Michael Keith – the former leader of Tower Hamlets council who we first defeated last year – raised the stakes in this election enormously. A victory for him in a ward where we had all three councillors would have thrown us into a grave crisis. Instead, it is Labour that is suffering shattering demoralisation and we are enjoying a post-Shadwell bounce."

Nach Brown uns, comrades.

"Ealing Southall, on the other hand, just a few weeks before, marked the lowest point in Respect’s three-year history."

Uh oh!

"The failure to harvest even the vote we had secured in just one ward of the constituency in the local elections 12 months earlier was a sharp reminder that what goes up can come down and should shatter any complacency about the London elections next May."

This is what happens if you don't pay attention to what I tell you.

"It is clear to everyone, if we are honest, that Respect is not punching its weight in British politics and has not fulfilled its potential either in terms of votes consistently gained, members recruited or fighting funds raised."


"The primary reasons for this are not objective circumstances, but internal problems of our own making."

Internal problems of the SWP's making.

"The conditions for Respect to grow strongly obtain in just the same way as they did when we first launched the organisation and had our historic breakthrough in 2005."

You too can be successful if you-listen-to-me.

"Michael Lavalette’s advancing position in Preston shows what can be done with imaginative and dedicated work. In Bristol, around Jerry Hicks, and in Sheffield around Maxine Bowler, we have placed ourselves in pole position to enter the council chamber. But to achieve that we must recognise our serious internal weaknesses which are becoming more apparent and which threaten to derail the whole project. "

Success or failure, my road or the highroad.


"It is abundantly clear for a variety of reasons that the leadership team must be strengthened and all talents mustered."

My leadership must strengthened, my people must be promoted.

"I therefore propose the creation of a new high-powered elections committee,"

I demand more power, more, more, more.

"This committee must comprise the leading members of Respect, including Salma, Linda Smith, Yvonne Ridley, Abjol Miah (as the leader of our 11 councillors in the central election battleground of Tower Hamlets), me, Lindsey German, Alan Thornett, Nick Wrack as well as the National Secretary."

The board of directors will be stocked with my people, and I'll have the controlling vote, got that?

"I also propose a crucial new post of National Organiser, preferably full-time, whose task would be the aforementioned re-organisation and re-energising of the key clusters of Respect support and the encouragement of members everywhere."

We should have a managing director who will march to my tune.

"This position would sit alongside the position of National Secretary. It must be advertised and subject to competitive interview overseen by the elections committee."

My candidates will be selected.

"While this document may seem stark in black and white it reflects a widespread feeling which has surfaced in various ways - including at the National Council - and it is clear that the status quo, or minor tinkering, are not options. Time is short, renovation is urgently required and we must start the process now."

I'm bored with pussy-footing (sorry, couldn't help myself) around, I wanna take over the show.


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