Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Human Animal Embryo Decision Not In Any Doubt

So let's be done with this stupid farce.
Scientists want ... scientists want ... Evan Harris said ... A disease sufferer was wheeled on to emotionally blackmail the reader ... Who writes this miserable propaganda?
Let's stop pretending that the HFEA is anything more than a quango figleaf for the fertility industry's desires and instead declare that bored science dons can get to experiment on anything they like without justification. What Robin Lovell Badge wants, Robin Lovell Badge always gets. Let's save ourselves the farce of a "debate" and him the effort of lobbying and propagandising and openly admit that he has carte blanche.
But just for the record let's remind ourselves what the use of embryonic stem cells has actually achieved. Not the claims, not the predictions, just the actual outcome. Nothing. That's it nothing.
Note to Human Genetics Alert: Your intervention in the "debate" was too little too late. With a mere columns-worth of news buried on the inside pages of the Evening Standard you might as well shut up shop.


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