Wednesday, October 03, 2007

On the indoctrination of schoolchildren

First the bad news: a British judge has ruled that Al Gore's enviro-mentalist agitprop flick, An Inconvenient Truth, can - and inevitably will - be shown to 11-14 year olds during school hours. Now some good news: but in what was described as a "U-turn" the department for children, schools and families has offered to re-write its accompanying guidance notes for schools after Mr Justice Burton ruled that the film promoted "partisan political views".
The case was brought by father of two and Kent school governor, Stuart Dimmock, who, not unreasonably takes exception to children being fed this kind of mind-rotting rubbish at school. And so should anyone else who professes to care that children are taught how to think rather than what to think.
So where were these brave titans of liberal pedagogy, these fearless opponents of juvenile indoctrination? Where were the combined forces of Richard Dawkins and the National Secular Society with their tub-thumping speeches and press releases assailing the corruption of young minds?
Answer: Nowhere to be seen.
For people who've made such a vulgar fuss about liberating children from what they call indoctrination, they've been noticeably quiet about this court case.

By their (in)actions shall ye know them
Their inconsistency is revealing of their true motives, which transparently have nothing to do with preventing indoctrination and everything to do with attacking the democratic rights of believers.


Anonymous WorldbyStorm said...

Aren't you confusing three very different issues here? Political views are one thing. Religious another. Scientific views a third. I'd be fascinated to know how exactly AIT promotes 'partisan political views' particularly considering that both the Republicans in the US and the Conservatives in Britain have explicitly accepted the thesis of human made climate change. There appears to be almost no dissent on this issue, which is not a religious or even much of a political one. So where then is the indoctrination you fulminate against and why would you expect Dawkins (who incidentally I'm not really a fan of, either in his style or much of what he says) to intervene?

10/05/2007 2:19 PM  
Blogger voltaires said...

Well, 99% of peer-reviewed science might be "partisan" in Maria's view, dontcha know? ;)

10/15/2007 4:30 PM  

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