Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good but not good enough - Climate change department faces £300m cuts

Shame there can't be more of this kind of thing, presented by the Grauniad as bad news whereas in fact if it does happen would be very good news. This backward, anti-human enviro-mentalist rubbish, a dangerous craze lapped up by the credulous and shamefully promoted by cynical politicians, is in urgent need of the hacksaw treatment. Governments should stop subsidising the bloated enviro-mentalist grievance industry, cease their efforts at brainwashing children by sending schools free copies of Al Gore's film and crucially the news media should stop promoting this noxious creed.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Respect - divorce proceedings started - who gets the house?

It's almost all over for Respect the Unity Coalition. The Gallowayites (what does one call them? Real Respect?) have sent out gold embossed invitations to a Renew Respect Conference, to be held on the same day as the official Respect Conference. Read the full text at Socialist Unity, where Andy Newman has pulled yet another scoop out of his hat. Around the 9th paragraph it suddenly has a touch of the Diana Ross's reach out and touch me waaah waah waah.
"We want to reach out to all those in the anti-war movement who still need a voice for peace and against imperialism.
We want to reach out to all those concerned about climate change and the destruction of the environment.
We want to reach out to all those in the trade unions who feel betrayed by New Labour under Brown as under Blair
... ad nauseam
Meanwhile SWPers were in short supply at today's Unison demo. Apparently, most were otherwise occupied, at an Emergency Conference.
Some commentators are now saying that the split is official. Not quite so fast, boys. It's not official until the decree absolute (final press release) is issued. The Renew Respect Conference is equivalent to the decree nisi. Everything else, the missives going back and forth, the claims and counter-claims, locks being changed and all the rest are akin to the legal manoeuvrings, applications to the courts for maintenance, wranglings over asset division and general unpleasantness that characterise actual divorces. In passing, consider the naivete of those who have expressed a desire for an "amicable split". These people have no knowledge of human nature. There is no such thing as an amicable split in politics as in divorce. The tearing asunder of Respect is already marked by acrimony and bitterness, as this extract from a letter from Gallows to Rees makes clear:
"You also, on Tuesday 30 October, attempted to prevent Rob Hoveman, my Constituency Manager, from entering the office and verbally abused him when he did. This is utterly unacceptable: 9 Club Row is my constituency office; Rob Hoveman has every right to unimpeded access – as the Department for Finance and Admin at the Commons has made clear. You do not.
I am, therefore, no longer allowing access to you and to your staff following these actions."

How long ago the heady days of 2004 now seem, when Gallows, who for all his faults has always been a shrewd judge of character, astutely appealed to the vanity of Lindsey and John, publically flattering them as "the most important 'power couple' on the British left since Nye Bevan and Jenny Lee."

Oh, here's the decree nisi and here's the SWP's brightest of bright young things, Richard Seymour's blog entry on it, striking first a poignant tone, then Gloria Gaynor style defiance, then back to wistfulness. The whole effect is actually, er, rather graceful.