Saturday, December 22, 2007

After the good news, the bad

Hot on the heels of the good news, comes the bad. 'Twas ever thus I suppose.
"Millions of stay-at-home mothers will miss out on a full state pension after the Government quietly performed an about-turn on granting them equal rights to working women, it has been disclosed.
Seven out of 10 women are not entitled to a full pension because the time they took out of the workplace to care for their children means they have not paid enough national insurance contributions.
The Government indicated six months ago that it was prepared to allow women with families to make one-off payments to cover up to nine years' worth of missing contributions before retirement.
Last night, however, it emerged that this plan had been dropped by ministers - to the fury of campaigners who claim it penalises women who choose to put their family life before their careers."

If only people paid more attention to important matters such as pensions rather than irrelevant flummery like global warming then everyone, not least senior citizens, would be a lot better off. As it is, the government gets away with such disgracefully disorded priorities as ordering ministers to assess the "climate cost", whatever that might mean, of all decisions, rather than doing what belongs to them and ensuring that pensioners get to share in the economic growth they have helped to create.


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