Monday, March 31, 2008

Dispatches Tonight - Torture and Mobile Sterilisation Units in Tibet

More on the Chinese government's savage one-child policy, which Tibet is supposed to be exempt from. A few months after the Chinese government spun stories that it was considering ending the policy, Dispatches has uncovered evidence of enforced sterilisations on Tibetan women.

Tibetan women are also forcibly prevented from having children, despite supposedly being exempt from China's strict birth-control laws, the film's director Jezza Neumann discovered.
Measures include monitoring menstrual cycles, forced abortions and sterilisation if women cannot afford a fine for having a second child.
One woman, a married farmer, described her agony at a forced sterilisation operation without anaesthetic.
She could not afford the fine, equivalent to £70, and was one of six in her village who went through the ordeal.
"I was forcibly taken away against my will. I was feeling sick and giddy and couldn't look up," she said.

"Apparently they cut the fallopian tubes and stitched them up. It was agonisingly painful. They didn't use anaesthetic. They just smeared something on my stomach and carried out the sterilisation.
"Apart from aspirin for the pain, there were no other drugs. I was so frightened, I can't even remember how I felt. Some people were even physically damaged by the
operation. They have limps and have to drag their hips."
Unconfirmed reports also suggest mobile sterilisation units are inserting a new type of contraceptive coil into village women that cannot be removed by them.

More about the brutal reality of population control in Tibet here.
Dispatches, Tonight 8pm Channel 4.


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