Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Look Pope

He was never going to stop at Summorum Pontificum, y'know. Not content with overhauling the liturgy, we now learn, courtesy of legendary Catho-blogocrat, Father Zuhlsdorf, that on Palm Sunday Pope Benny will don vestments with the coat-of-arms of the Medici Pope, Leo X. Lip-smacking details follow:

"This will be a damask of red silk and gold thread, with brocade details recalling the heraldic motifs of the family that governed Florence for centuries, namely, the three rings with the diamond point, united in concentric circles and contained within a double-lobed leaf. In effect, Benedict XVI will be dressed like Giovanni de’ Medici, son of Lorenzo the Magnificent, when he became Pope Leo X, 11 March 1513. This is an advance notice from Il Giornale della Toscana. After having carried out for Ash Wednesday, for the Office of the Master of Ceremonies of the Vatican, a lampasso [FR. Z: a fabric woven of both silk and gold thread] (a fabric of great value) brocade of violet which bore the heraldic emblems of Pope Paul V, Borgehese, the director of the company "Tridentinum" of Ferrara, Pietro Siffi, suggested some months ago a reproduction of fabric that was developed for the ascent of Giovanni de’ Medici to the pontifical throne. The proposal forms part of an initiative to reappraise certain practically forgotten Roman vestments. Benedict XVI on Palm Sunday will wear a chasuble, dalmatic, cope and varies other parts made precisely with this fabric and coat of arms. And with him the 7 deacons who will accompany him, for a total of 30 pieces. The original fabric, made for the ascent of Leo X to the pontifical throne, is held by the Frati Servi di Maria in the Basilica della Santissima Annunziate in Florence."

Needless to say, the anti-Tabletista-in-chief, Damian Thompson is giddy with delight at the news, commenting: "the 30-piece set, which includes chasubles, cope, and dalmatics, copies the fabric and designs worn by Leo in 1513. That’s pre-Tridentine, let alone pre-Vatican II. Liberals will be aghast: in most English cathedrals, it is de rigueur to wear minimalist robes that look like they were left over from a Jon Pertwee-era episode of Doctor Who."

Well this Tablet-reading aquatic creature adds her stamp of approval to His Holiness's triumphal new sartorial policy. Away with wholewheat hosts and prosaic, nylon Masses. Forget less is more, we want more! more! more! More insense, more gilding, more gorgeously-embroidered vestments and sung high Masses. Dolphinarium says all this mouthwatering spectacle is what we do best. Big boldly-coloured, self-confident Roman Catholicism will inspire the faithful and storm the heavens. Make no mistake, this blog is for a high-bling papacy.


Blogger Patriccus said...

Smells, bells and theology that sells.

More! More!

3/06/2008 1:30 AM  

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