Sunday, April 13, 2008

Prima Donna has hissy fit, onlookers giggle

An ex-editor on the warpath,
And when he's finished there's gonna be a bloodbath

Well, not quite but he does want the "arsehole" who penned that para in the John Street column about him to know how he feels about it. How HE managed to attract such a "gratuitous and snide mention" in the back of the paper HE used to edit, HE is at a loss to know. Frankly HE doesn't deserve it. Because without HIM, Tribune would have been closed down, you know. No if's or buts, closed down. And no, HE emphatically isn't available to edit the New Statesman, which is a "poisoned chalice" for whoever gets the gig and HE's not that "bloody desperate" anyway, got that? And no, HE's not going to write an article for Tribune because HE's "not a complete mug". From now on HE'S NOT AVAILABLE.

Hat Tip: The man sitting next to the photocopier who wrote the naughty diary item which hit such a raw nerve.


Anonymous Socialsit Guru said...

I really dislike Stalinist reworkings of history.
For Seddon to suggest that he was the saviour of Tribune is on a par with saying that Margaret Thatcher saved the union movement.
When Seddon became editor the paper was breakig even, when he left it was suffering its largest losses in a generation.
he had lost 40 % of the paper's readership.
He was also responsible for recruiting two "professional" members of staff to deal with fiannces and marketing who were anti Left-wing and anti Labour, on salaries nearly three times the rest of the staff. Not surprisingly they cost the paper even more money and were nearly 100% useless.
Nor was he hands on and often disappeared from the office. expecting everyone else to do the work.
Although he was an expert on selling his or his staffs best stories to other media outlets.
I can't think for a minute why Geoofrey Robinson turned him down :)

4/13/2008 8:53 AM  

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