Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vidanueva Rocks!

I especially love the quotes from Pope John Paul II:

"The Church considers the problem of illegal migrants from the standpoint of Christ, who died to gather together the dispersed children of God (cf. Jn 11:52), to rehabilitate the marginalized and to bring close those who are distant; in order to integrate all within a communion that is not based on ethnic, cultural or social membership, but on the common justice."


"In the Church no one is a stranger, and the Church is not foreign to anyone, anywhere. As a sacrament of unity and thus a sign and a binding force for the whole human race, the Church is the place where illegal immigrants are also recognized and accepted as brothers and sisters."

In the just released "Mission of the Church to migrants in England and Wales" the Roman Catholic Bishop of Southwark, Pat Lynch declares:

"The Church will continue to advocate compassion to allow the ‘undocumented’ an opportunity to acquire proper status, so that they can continue to contribute to the common good without the constant fear of discovery and removal."

What with this and the warning recently issued by Anglican Bishop of Durham, Tom Wright about the BNP, church leaders are sounding dangerously radical. And guess what? Some ostensibly orthodox Catholic Christians don't seem to like it. Tough. What was it St Ignatius of Antioch taught us about obedience to the bishops?

"Be subject to the bishop and to one another as Jesus Christ was to the father".

And here's St Irenaeus in Against Heresies Book IV, Chap. 26:2 on the importance of episcopal authority:

"It is necessary to obey those who are the presbyters in the Church, those who, as we have shown, have succession from the Apostles; those who have received, with the succession of the episcopate, the sure charism of truth according to the good pleasure of the Father. But the rest, who have no part in the primitive succession and assemble wheresoever they will, must be held in suspicion"

Or in case they still don't get it, allow Dolphinarium to spell it out in plain English:

The Cafeteria really is closed. Deal with it.


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