Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"We hope the suspicion is never proven true that Fascism is re-emerging among us under other forms"

So said Italy's widely read Catholic journal, Familigia Cristiana recently, alarmed by the Berlusconi government's vicious anti-immigrant policies. One of them is for the compulsory fingerprinting of all Roma including children. This is repugnant. It is a serious assault on civil liberties and a blatant peice of racial discrimination.

The Roma have been the victims of racism many times during their long, melancholy history. They were the second largest group targeted by the nazis for extermination - the Romani word for Holocaust is ‘porraimos’, or devouring - and in cases ranging from the 1970s to as recently as 2004 Czech and Slovak Roma women were forcibly sterilised.

The Italian government is ignoring the stream of condemnation issuing from the likes of Unicef to these plans, fatuously claiming that they are for Roma's own good. A well-0rganised campaign of civil disobediance could make them think again. That is what is urgently needed. Italy's honour is at stake here.


Blogger guinadese said...

I think a prayer to St Jude may be appropriate for poor Italy as well.

9/05/2008 5:00 PM  

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