Friday, October 03, 2008

Combat fatigues at the ready

And it's a warm welcome to the indefatigable Paddy Garcia, who has, at long last, succumbed to the singular temptations of the blogosphere. He's now blogging at Latte Leninist. Expect hardcore anti-imperialist socialism and a very independently-minded take on things, all served up with a cup of something sternly non-alcoholic and a rogueish grin.

Memo to Paddy: Turn your bloody phone on. I've been trying to get hold of you for days.


Blogger voltaires said...

The only post on his blog looks like a rather odd temperance advert. Most preculiar.

Oi Maria btw - what's with the description of Shiraz as an "AWL blog" in your email to Father Wotsit of Magdalen?

10/05/2008 2:25 AM  

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