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Fascist Watch - The Steadfast Trust Update

Back in March I blogged on something called The Steadfast Trust, a charity, apparently, with a very specific set of beneficiaries in mind: English whites only. But details about it remained sketchy. Could anyone tell me more? A few days ago, an anonymous contributor posted some interesting links about the Steadfast Trust in the comments box.

They directed me to comments on a British Expats forum thread about the outfit by someone calling themselves "Londweard", who started off by saying who he thought the English were, what a nation was and what the Steadfast Trust was and why he thought it necessary. He swiftly descended into the kind of illiterate cyber harangue so brilliantly captured in Private Eye's From the Message Boards spoof. He sounded like Bogbrush, raving away about the racism supposedly encountered by the English, a "liberal elite of traitors" the evils of mass immigration and peppering his sentences with multiple question and exclamation marks.

A thread on democracyforum yielded comments of a similar nature by a David H who declared that someone who objected to The Steadfast Trust's racist nature was akin to provoking anti-semitism and then went on to say to his interlocutor "I believe that ethnically you have some Jewish ancestory". Another illiterate Bogbrush. Maybe it was just a coincidence

Then in June last year the Charity Commission reviewed the applications for charitable status by The Ethnic English Trust (EET) and Ironside Community Trust (ICT) . They noted (para 4.4) that the EET and ICT applications formed

"part of a series of applications submitted by the same solicitor, sharing similar beneficial classes and a number of common directors and trustees which began with The Steadfast Trust [and] considered therefore that they could not be viewed in isolation."

Very reasonably the Commission felt it was not clear what the definitions of the beneficial class in the EET and ICT applications meant and went into the matter of what or who constituted the ethnic English or White British in painstaking detail.

To cut a long story short it came to the unsurprising conclusion that neither the EET nor ICT had demonstrated that its objects were for the public benefit; had serious reservations as to whether there was a non-charitable collateral purpose behind the applications and were concerned that the applications were being "used as tools to make a political point".

Buried in the footnotes were some fascinating - and hilarious - extracts from correspondence by Iverson Holmes, the EET and ICT's solicitor.

Evidently objecting to the Commission's prodding, Iverson Holmes wrote indignantly

"you cannot lawfully devise higher obstacles for members of one of the oldest indigenous populations of England to jump in order that they might enjoy these rights in relation to charities that you create for other ethnic populations"

Quite overcome with the grandiosity of the EET/ICT's vision he declared

"We have been preparing for not less than 20 years just for the litigation you have so kindly supplied us ... So as to be clear as to our intent, it is not lost on the self-aware sections of the English Ethnic communities that we are talking of litigation of historic and legal immortality. We have made clear the lengths to which we will to go to ensure equal treatment for our client's beneficial class."

And objecting to a Scottish Court's ruling that the English are not an ethnic group he wrote:

It was extremely disingenuous of the Scottish legal system to purport to take unto itself the determination of this question without seeking to refer the matter to England. A parallel of what actually took place in that case is that the case was conducted as if all the Jewish organisations and peoples of the UK were excluded from a discussion as to their legal status save for a single humble and illiterate and non-practising Jewish shoemaker who was then the only person permitted to explain why his community constituted an ethnic group".

Ah yes, that comparison with Jews again. Perhaps its just another coincidence.

Another Charity Commission document reveals that Iverson Holmes is a trustee of the Wycliffe Trust, the Shieldwall Trust, the English Community Advisory Trust and a former director of the Steadfast Trust.

Iverson Holmes, it appears, is a solicitor's firm, by which I mean there's only one of them, based in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Areas of practice include "business affairs", charity law, civil liberties and human rights, commercial property, employment law and wills and probate. It doesn't do legal aid work and doesn't have wheelchair access. Oh and its website can't be accessed without authorisation either. How very hopeless. No wonder that one contributor to a fascist blog moaned thus about Iverson Holmes: "interesting how Gri££in generally uses proper lawyers (with membership monies of course) for his own vendettas but uses that useless idiot pretend "lawyer" to "help" ordinary BNP members." Snigger, snigger.

Man in a Shed who has been wondering whether there is such a thing as English identity also pointed out in the comments box that The Steadfast Trust's wikipedia entry has disappeared. I didn't know it even had one but thanks for the information.

He continued: "There clearly is a need for organisations to promote and make representations for English culture and heritage. But equally its the perfect vehicle for those with nastier objectives", which is hard to disagree with.

There are many reasons to celebrate English culture, picking my own at random: parliamentary democracy, the Industrial Revolution, Saints Thomas More and John Fisher, the Book of Common Prayer, Chaucer 'n' the Bard, Wordsworth, Thomas Paine, dripping on toast and scurrilous journalism.

One of the notable features of fascist outfits like the Steadfast Trust is that for all that they assert their love of Englishness, there is precious little evidence of their interest in English history and culture. Search in vain for material, even of the most cursory sort, on say, Wycliffe whose name they hijack for one of their myriad front groups because you won't find it. It's yet another reason you can tell they're fakes.

Hat tip: Anonymous. If you've got any more on the Steadfast Trust or any of its satellite groups please bring it here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh honestly! They're clearly fakes bacause they don't mention Wycliffe? This is nonsense.

As it happens I think of myself as an Englishman and a patriot, but I could just as easily come up with a very long list of things that I don't like about this country and Wycliffe would certainly be one of them. I also think there are plenty of more important things in life than ethnicity, which is one of the reasons why I wince whenever I hear the term "ethnic" used approvingly. (There are, for example, universal principles that have been in decline in recent years that are currently in far greater need of restoration than ethnic identity - which is hardly a traditional concern of most English people anyway.)

But given that there are so many "ethnic" charities already, you're going to have to explain why there shouldn't be one for English people - especially in areas of the country where English people have already become ethnic minorities themselves. (Yes, it's happening, it's going to go on happpening, and there's nothing particularly controversial about this.) Who knows, they may even be able to help you?

Now, as for that charlatan Wycliffe...

10/11/2008 4:44 PM  
Anonymous Andrew Hynes said...

To be English is to be a fascist, to be anyone else is to be persecuted. Nice logic. I will warn you that this is going to get quite heated. So if easily offended (as the majority of left-wing folk are) then maybe you shouldn't publish this or even read it.

My father and grandfather were both English, and neither are considered fascist by those who knew them, those who fought alongside them perhaps.

My grandfather was at Dunkirk, and D-Day. My father at D-Day and both fought their way across Europe to put an end to the scum that had misled Germany for so many years.

The perversity of our time is this; to lay claim to being English means you obviously must be a fascist. In a country that has been graced by some of the world's greatest human beings, I am thoroughly incensed by the drivel that comes from most of the lefties who have no wit or experience of what they mock or insult.

Your post provides nothing except that possibly one man has the guts and the passion to try and point out that indeed, equal opportunities should mean just that, regardless of colour of skin or culture.

This IS England we are talking about. Not Pakistan, not Kurdistan, not Tibet, not even Scotland or Wales, not anything but what it plainly, historically and emphatically is; England.

Please tell me where it is published or even admitted that the word English is used to mean "white only"? I know black Englishmen. I also know Muslims who are English.

Being Muslim is no more an antithesis to being English than being Christian is.

What the Steadfast Trust seems to be trying to do is point out, quite correctly, that we have concentrated on multiculturalism so much, we have seemingly left what it means to be English so far behind that it can only be known now by it's deriders and abusers.

It is a truism, especially today in our hacked up society, what Winston Churchill said; "There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. That word is England."

England is not an idea to be brought out solely for the World Cup. It is not a useful metaphor for "I live here". It is in our blood.

Race plays no part. Race is a scientific mumbo-jumbo that was made up by anti-Semites in order to attempt to prove their superiority.

In the invectives so often flung around by the so-called left, race has come to mean division and discord. There is only one race, that of the Human Race.

To start belittling people who love their culture, their heritage, as fascists simply because they are not talking about anything African or Asian is small-minded in the utmost and most facetious manner.

I am an Englishman. I have served my country. I can vote an MP into Parliament because of my English forebears and I can also donate money to charities that support black children through school, as well as charities that desparately try to make "ethnic minorities" understand that they must give blood, or become an organ donor, or consider fostering a child.

I am proud of my country, and what it has achieved. And for the most part, I am wholeheartedly sick and tired of being told that my country, my heritage, is fascist simply for trying to exist in an increasingly complex state that pays no heed to me or the clamour of voices of other Englishmen and Englishwomen, but will bend over backwards to succour and benefit those who despise us most.

It needs saying and it is being said by an increasing number of people (and not those cretins in the BNP or NF either); There is nothing wrong with being English, and being proud of being English.

The real fascists are the people who denigrate, insult and demand control of the views of others. Be they Tory MP's, SWP activists, BNP thugs or "Red" anybody, who I suspect are the ones that the press keeps telling us abuse serving members of the armed forces in the street and, it has to be said, are constantly banging on about freedom of the press and yet want to stifle anything that mentions the E word and the P word in tandem.

Andy Hynes, Englishman, ex-Royal Navy Leading Hand.

10/30/2008 8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take a gander at these...

10/31/2008 8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here here Andy well said and well written..why people still hate this country so much is beyond me..if they hate England and the English and all they stand for so much...they can always LEAVE..that is another English trait their left wing forebears would have taken away if the communits and left wing croonies got their mean to tell me China is all good...take a hard look then come back to me and say they are better than us and England was wrong then I will accept it..start at tinannamen square and work backwards

4/06/2010 11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And are you now going to write an article about the 'racism' of the thousands of charities for other ethnic groups? If not, why not? Is it because you're a racist?

9/03/2010 4:26 AM  
Anonymous margrete said...

I completely agree with what Andy has written.

The Steadfast Trust was set up because there are numerous other groups with charitable status and which receive public funding. It would be invidious to single out any, but suffice it to say: until the Steadfast Trust appeared there was not one - not one, in England! - which was set up specifically for the English and for England.

We have been encouraged to think of ourselves as 'multicultural'. That has meant, in effect, that everyone else's culture can be promoted but that if we attempt to promote our own culture, we are in some way guilty of 'racism'. I think particularly of Black History Month in schools. I have no objection to this, but I would prefer that children should be taught about their own history, and if that history happens to be English then that should be taught.

The BBC has been one of the worst offenders of recent years. Some of the contributors to BBC programmes even struggle to acknowledge that England even exists.

I don't believe I am 'fascist', and I have no connection with the BNP. I couldn't have anyway, because they are British (the name!) and I am English. Further, I am of a generation which remembers what the Fascists really were, and this term should not be thrown about lightly.

6/12/2011 8:06 AM  
Anonymous David D said...

The ethnic English are white. So what? There is no fascism, hatred or anything negative in that at all.The Anglosaxons who formed the nation were white. Not all whites are English, and that is why I object to "White-British" on ethnic monitoring forms. So Andy I disagree when you say that there are "Black Englishmen". To say that there are denies not only the English their identity, but also denies the various black nationals their roots. The liberal/left just can't seem to grasp that this doesn't mean I, as an Englishman, hate black people, or that I vote for the Nazi party.

6/26/2011 3:07 PM  
Blogger Uchtred said...

Once again we have a left-wing bigot wanting to deny the English community their own unique identity.
Why are the Scots, Welsh, Irish, Chinese, Maori's, Berbers, etc., deemed nations of people in their own right, but not we English?
There are 16,000 separate charities for other ethnic groups in this country but only one for the English, yet it has been attacked from the outset. Why?
Where I live is only two minutes from a Bangladeshi centre, the Sikhs have their own communal building a few hundred yards further away. There are Scottish and Irish centres within a bus ride. Where do we English go? Nowhere! There's not one English cultural or communal centre anywhere in the country, yet for trying to hang on to our own historical/ancestral roots we are condemned as racists. Aren't the real racists the very one's who are trying to deny an entire people their very existence? Isn't this reminiscent of Nazi Germany or South Africa in the days of apartheid? So there may be one or two morons who are trying to tag themselves onto the Steadfast Trust. These idiots don't represent anyone but themselves. Do the "Muslim" protesters calling for the death of British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan represent the true face of Islam, or the INLA that of all Irishmen? Should we hate all Muslims or Catholics for the atrocities carried out in the name of their religon? Of course not. So why look for something which isn't there?
I would put this to the lady in question, apart from England, the English have no connection to anywhere else in the world, can that be said of any other group of people in this country?
I'm not quite sure what to make of these so called "anti-fascist" groups? At best they're a bunch of hypocrites, at worst, well...


6/27/2011 2:35 PM  
Anonymous Kev said...

"One of the notable features of fascist outfits like the Steadfast Trust is that for all that they assert their love of Englishness, there is precious little evidence of their interest in English history and culture."

What utter rubbish! Take a look at their website for a start and look at the number of 'cultural' and 'historic' things they have helped fund.
Also they used to produce a journal (Steadfast) that ran many features on English history and culture.

As usual - when English people assert their identity they are 'fascist' or 'racist'; when other ethnic groups do it they are 'celebrating' their culture.

11/15/2011 5:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read your comments and feel saddened that trying to support a charity which is only trying to show that there is nothing wrong with being English and supporting people with education to look at there heritage and ancestry can be seen as fascist!

I also see the UAF symbol at the top, I have never seen a more nasty lot in protest just a bunch of dread locked unwashed looking for a reason for a fight and not to be at work, so what you have written has no support from people like me, when you support that bunch of thugs, they in my opinion as as bad as the people you slag off.

I love England and class myself as English and now will look for this charity and support them, if they can help the youth with identity and education then I'm all for it and as they state Charity starts at home.

Oh before you say anything I'm mixed race and was born here.

2/06/2012 1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
This is a link to a site that seems to be very disturbing in its message "we have ruined the Flag and saint of England" lets pick an other to the same to with Dubious historical "facts" to back up the Rant.

4/23/2012 1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found your "Update" and comments dated 2012, so the thread is still live. So much better when making a complaint to the police and E&HR commission for the topic is current, and the instigator still active, don't you think?

12/29/2012 12:34 PM  

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