Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We have crossed the threshold of history

333 and counting. Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania. The sight of the hateful bitter Republicans booing at the very mention of Obama's name when McCain gave his (graceful) concession speech just goes to show that they know what they've lost tonight. The Repubican coalition that Ronald Reagan formed from a vile germ of an idea born of Richard Nixon, has been crushed into the ashes of history. Dr King and Malcolm are surely smiling down from heaven as it is proven once and for all that you really can be of any race in the USA and yet still achieve the highest office in the land.

Now is the time. Get ready for US politics to open up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does it matter what colour he is? Bloody hell.

You know he voted to overturn the "Mexico City policy"? You think the IPPF has cleaner hands in China than Marie Stopes International has?

11/04/2008 11:35 PM  

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