Sunday, January 25, 2009

Benny and The Schismatics

I insist that it's a very bad idea.

Quite unaccountably, His Holiness didn't consult me before lifting the excommunication on the Ecône Four. I would have advised him against this course of action and told him more iron fist, less indulgence, Your Holiness. It's the only language they understand.

Over at America Magazine's In all Things, James Martin SJ has blogged on Bishop Bernard Fellay's characteristically vainglorious statement.

“We are ready to write the Creed with our own blood, to sign the anti-modernist oath, the profession of faith of Pius IV, we accept and make our own all the councils up to the Second Vatican Council about which we express some reservations.”

Impudent so and so.

As Martin - and how I love quoting a Jesuit on this topic - notes:

"All the councils up to the Second Vatican Council. FYI, the teachings of an ecumenical council are among the highest levels of teaching authority--if not the highest--expressed by the magisterium."


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