Thursday, March 05, 2009

But while we're about it Mr Harris

You sort of have a point but on the whole you don't because you've got it the wrong way up because you're just talking about young women and don't give a thought to the men. And there's nothing necessarily wrong with women having children young either. But Monie Love puts it far better than me, so here she is explaining why we're Born to B.R.E.E.D: Build Relationship where Education and Enlightenment Dominate. Sounds very Nu Labour, so sing along.

So who are you to tell me how to run my family
I can plan it by myself, I need nobody planning me
Cause yeah I might be young, but my stability's correct
Everything about my little one I must protect
What she sees, what she hears, and everything surrounding
A decent state of mind is what my daughter will be found in

This could be the anthem of a hot dang new pro-lifeism.


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