Thursday, March 26, 2009

Honeyball Latest

It seems as though she's been called in for a ticking off.

Given that it is all hands to the pump for Labour, the last thing Gordon needed was a religious controversy weeks before a major election. Tony, in office, didn't do religion. Out of office, he does it all the time. Perhaps he was right to observe the distinction. At the centre of this particular disagreement is Mary Honeyball, the London Labour MEP who complained of Tony's "aggressive Christianity" and dubbed the Catholic church "an extreme Christian organisation". Blogging on, she said: "Faith is and should remain exactly that - a personal eccentricity, not something to be forced on others in any way." Which is fair enough for the many secularists, but hasn't gone down well with some of her colleagues and has unnerved higher-ups in the party. "She has no place in the Labour party because she demeans the beliefs of many who selected her and voted for her," says Catholic MP Jim Dobbin. "What Mary Honeyball does not seem to realise is that many people seek to become politicians because of their Catholicity," adds the usually cheery Stephen Pound. She is already contrite, we understand, but no wonder she has been summoned to explain herself at a meeting this week with party chiefs. There are a lot of voting Catholics.


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Other people who've never been seen in the same room:

The Pope and Dr Strangelove

Richard Seymour and Chris Moyles

Andy Newman and his namesake from Seinfeld

Joanna Bogle and Socrates

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