Monday, April 13, 2009

Dollygate - the Kelly Connection

We're now in the eye of Dollygate, the greatest storm to rock the Westminster Village since the last one. Acres of print have been used up discussing the critical issues of this drama, to wit, what is the embarrassing illness the emails said David Cameron had - my guess is haemorrhoids, either that or chronic flatulence, how come a cluster of New Labour meeja geniuses were dumb enough to discuss their nefarious plans on email and is Damian McBride a lot older than the press seem to think he is? However, one aspect of this story has hitherto remained unexamined. I speak of course about Ruth Kelly. Did she hack into Damian McBride's Number 10 email account and forward the incriminating emails to Guido Fawkes?

After McBride knifed her in September she would certainly have had a motive and this card-carrying hellraiser, who as often as not is to be found propping up the bar at the Sports and Social intriguing with Westminster's finest and later in the evening brawling with anyone who dares dispute her forecasts for long-term GDP growth has form when it comes to grudge matches.

Vital questions about her role in the affair remain unanswered. Why, exactly, did she give up her seat on public transport to Mrs Guido Fawkes a few years ago? Has she used Jack Valero to act as a go-between in her dealings with Guido Fawkes? Where was she the night Charlie Whelan appeared as Widow Twankey at the South Mimms Empire?

For now Ruth Kelly is silent but we can be sure that there's a lot more to this than meets the eye.


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