Monday, April 20, 2009

Hmm, Spooky

Someone using a computer with a Conservative Central Office ISP has landed on this 'ere blog having googled the names, "Tom Watson" and "Barckley Sumner".

Why on earth would anyone at Conservative Central Office be interested in those names?

Even spookier still, someone from Birmingham landed here after having googled "Dolphinarium" and "Peter Jennings". They seemed interested in the Catholic Herald issues grovelling apology to Austen Ivereigh post. Mildly curious, I suppose.

Listen Pete old boy, if that's you ((waves)) don't take the Vin Nichols post the wrong way, you know how it goes with spinning, you win some, you lose some ... But hey! you were pretty good on that Godawful beeb programme on Sunday, seriously you were. So let's have more telly apologetics from you and less of the throwing hacks out of the club you invited them to, ok?


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