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Is the BNP targeting Catholic voters?

A couple of years ago, journalist Paul Donovan who writes for Catholic weekly, The Universe was sent some BNP literature clearly aimed at Catholics, which made prominent mention of the 19th Century social encyclical, Rerum Novarum.

A one off? Perhaps not.

Anyone reading The Universe's letters page over the last 12 months will have noticed the preponderance of pro-BNP letters appearing sometimes on a weekly basis.

In summer someone signing themselves as Frederick Weston claimed that voting for the BNP was not a sin but "a patriotic duty".

Another coincidence? I suggest not.

There are few people who have their fingers on the pulse of Catholic opinion more than the mighty Phyllis Bowman, executive director of Right to Life. In July scenting something in the air, she sent a communiqué to all her members and supporters warning them about the BNP and urging them to reject it at the polls. The Catholic Herald, Catholic Times and The Universe all ran the story. Not long after, Paul Donovan and John Battle MP used their Universe columns also to remind to remind Catholic readers what the BNP stands for and why they shouldn't vote for it.

A week or so later yet another Pro-BNP letter appeared in The Universe:

"I feel obliged to make a few comments regarding the campaign, which your paper has been conducting against the British National Party since July and shows no signs of abating. It appears to have originated with the ridiculous and unsubstantiated accusations in the article by Paul Donovan, which prompted letters by your readers, two of which, on August 24, pointed out the part played by New Labour in the moral and religious decline in this country, and the very real concerns of the indigenous population with regard to mass immigration and the consequences. As for John Battle's assertion that he is unable to 'engage with the BNP' because of violent reaction, he really should have taken his statement to its logical conclusion, giving details of the 'violence' which he has suffered. The British National Party is a legally constituted political party, recognised by the State. It participates in elections, abides by the rules of the Electoral Commission and now has a reasonable number of local councillors, as well as a member of the London Assembly.
As a Catholic newspaper, you should be more concerned with the terrible persecution of Catholics, particularly in Iraq, where before this country's involvement in the illegal invasion, Catholics enjoyed freedom to practice their faith.
Terrorist activities, violent crime and now murder are a daily occurence in this country, none of which are connnected with the BNP.
As for the issue of voting, or not voting for the BNP, your readers should not agonise too much; it should be obvious to all who have the power to reason that in a quasi-Marxist tyranny that this country is fast becoming, voting is irrelevant.
Finally certain anti-abortion groups should perhaps divert their spiteful and uncharitable allegations against Catholic MPs who support abortion, rather than criticise BNP policy, which I'm sure does not advocate the killings of disabled babies."

The author was a Margaret J Ballard of Carshalton and cross-checking that name with the BNP list published on the internet in November yields some interesting information.

That's just one example. The deluge of Pro BNP letters in The Universe has kept on and on. Kieran Conry, Bishop of Arundel and Brighton condemned the BNP recently but still the letters flooded in. A startled Universe reader wrote in complaining about these infernal screeds but this resulted in just more of them.

What's the significance of The Universe and why haven't similar letters appeared in say, The Catholic Herald or The Catholic Times? The Universe's readership is typically drawn from traditionally Labour voting working class Catholics of Irish descent. It's the same old story; for one reason or another a lot of them have become disaffected with Labour which they perceive as dominated by metropolitan elites and deaf to the concerns of its traditional base. These are the people which the parasitic BNP preys upon with letter writing campaigns to The Universe and ten to one this initiative has passed under the radar of a lot of anti-fascists.

If by chance anyone from UAF happens to be reading this, might I suggest that it liaises with the Bishops' Conference about this, preferably before polling day. One thing Universe readers know is that Catholics are subject to their bishops and their guidance is unequivocal:

"Catholics should never support parties with racist policies."


Blogger Oli said...

fascinating and scary.

5/18/2009 7:25 AM  
Anonymous PatC said...

Yes, Dol, at least the Anglicans have been taking notice of your scribblings. Yer left-footers are probably far too busy trying to deal with the fall-out from the inquiry into child abuse at Catholic schools and homes to take any interest in whether their flock are under the influence of any Nazi scribes.

5/24/2009 4:40 PM  
Blogger Merseymike said...

But if those Catholic voters have views that are similar to those of the BNP, then isn't it logical that they should vote for them? After all, the (im)moral position of Vatican plc is probably closer to the BNP than the Labour party, and I would certainly feel happier if conservative Catholics abandoned the Labour party for good.

6/12/2009 4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anton said...

I'm a Catholic, and were I a British resident I would certainly be voting BNP.

What is not to like? The BNP opposes abortion. The BNP advocates traditional family values. The BNP supports social justice, rather than the extremes of free-market capitalism or socialism.

Positions taken by the BNP and other strongly conservative parties echo the traditional values of the Catholic Church, values which sadly have been abandoned by the Church in the post-Vatican II era.

6/15/2009 5:42 PM  
Anonymous Dave Bamber said...

Thanks Merseymike for your idiot comment "after all, the (im)moral position of Vatican plc is probably closer to the BNP than the Labour party".

The Catholic bishops have spoken out on numerous occasions against the BNP, if Catholics ignore their voice, then they are committing a serious sin by voting for the BNP.

The fact is with the current climate any group of people are susceptible to the rhetoric and sophistry of the BNP.

7/13/2009 12:07 AM  

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