Friday, October 23, 2009

BNP Balls - That Toxic Fug Analysis in Full

Those BNP voters have a point, you know .... It's all the fault of Moslems and immigrants I tell you but no one has the courage to say it in public ... it's not racist to object to Islamic ghettos ... in ten years time when our social fabric has been torn to peices ... don't mention the Bishops Conference, it's a nest of doctrinaire Trotskyites, John Medlin should be put in charge ... er... if only the BNP weren't so nasty national identity ... er what we need is a strong leader, er, er ... Lord Pearson ...

Don't mind if I tell you what I think, govnor, cos I'm going to do so anyway ... our misery is caused by immigration, that and high taxes ... all these immigrants coming over 'ere, with their funny foreign religion, taking our jobs, the papers are full of them ...and you know what happens when they get jobs, don't you... first the mums are all over the papers like a bad rash then next thing you know so are the sons ... this country's in a mess, I know how I'd sort it out ... stand as a Conservative councillor in Crouch End... so I was talking to the association chairman and I said the immigrants are our misfortune ... Lord Pearson's the geezer you want ... and I dunno, squire, he looked at me all funny like he was gonna be sick.


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