Tuesday, October 06, 2009

This blog is banned in China

The test shows that there is some, er, "failure in receiving network data".

Good. I must be doing something right.

So is Lenin because he's banned too, as is Neppers, even though he hasn't updated his blog in ages, Father Ray Blake, Tory blogging maven, Iain Dale, the subversive David Lindsay and poignantly, Madam Miaow is another whose blog is banned, despite or perhaps because of her impeccable revolutionary Chinese heritage.

Sunny will be upset not to have aquired the cachet of censorship. Liberal Conspiracy isn't banned and neither is Harry's Place. And of course, Socialist Unity. No problem accessing that in Shanghai. None whatsoever.

Freeeee Cheeeeen Guangcheeeeeng

Hat Tip: His Hemeneuticalness (he's banned too).


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