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Who Is Margaret J Ballard And Why Was She Writing To The Universe Last Summer?

Margaret J Ballard wrote the following letter to Catholic weekly, The Universe in late summer 2008:

"I feel obliged to make a few comments regarding the campaign, which your paper has been conducting against the British National Party since July and shows no signs of abating.
It appears to have originated with the ridiculous and unsubstantiated accusations in the article by Paul Donovan, which prompted letters by your readers, two of which, on August 24, pointed out the part played by New Labour in the moral and religious decline in this country, and the very real concerns of the indigenous population with regard to mass immigration and the consequences.
As for John Battle's assertion that he is unable to 'engage with the BNP' because of violent reaction, he really should have taken his statement to its logical conclusion, giving details of the 'violence' which he has suffered. The British National Party is a legally constituted political party, recognised by the State. It participates in elections, abides by the rules of the Electoral Commission and now has a reasonable number of local councillors, as well as a member of the London Assembly. As a Catholic newspaper, you should be more concerned with the terrible persecution of Catholics, particularly in Iraq, where before this country's involvement in the illegal invasion, Catholics enjoyed freedom to practice their faith.Terrorist activities, violent crime and now murder are a daily occurence in this country, none of which are connnected with the BNP. As for the issue of voting, or not voting for the BNP, your readers should not agonise too much; it should be obvious to all who have the power to reason that in a quasi-Marxist tyranny that this country is fast becoming, voting is irrelevant. Finally certain anti-abortion groups should perhaps divert their spiteful and uncharitable allegations against Catholic MPs who support abortion, rather than criticise BNP policy, which I'm sure does not advocate the killings of disabled babies.

I blogged about this in May, wondering whether the BNP was targeting Catholic voters. I noted that along with numerous letters from fascists, The Universe, whose readership is largely drawn from traditionally staunchly Labour-supporting working-class Catholics of Irish descent, had been sent a Catholic-themed BNP pamphlet studded with references to Rerum Novarum.

The plot thickens
Dolphinarium can disclose that Margaret Joyce Ballard shares an address in Carshalton with one, Paul Ballard. She's nearly 90 and he's nearly 60. Perhaps they're mother and son.
The name Paul Ballard will be familiar to seasoned anti-fascists. He just happens to be the BNP's branch organiser for Surrey and Croydon - the "hardline Croydon branch" as the authoritative Searchlight describes it - with a lot of previous, so to speak. This former National Front organiser was active in Combat 18, the neo-Nazi terrorist organisation, between 1992 and 1995. Recall that Combat 18, the numerals being derived from Adolf Hitler's initials, publishes the notorious RedWatch magazine and has been suspected of involvement in numerous immigrants' deaths as well as night-of-the-long-knives style liquidations of its own members. Ballard and his comrades published an antisemitic rag called The Rune to which wannabe fuhrer, Nick Griffin, contributed and then edited. It was in The Rune that Griffin described a matter of historical fact as the "holohoax" and declared, “the electors of Millwall [who voted in the BNP’s first local councillor in 1993] did not back a post modernist rightist party but what they perceived to be a strong, disciplined organisation with the ability to back up its slogan ‘Defend Rights for Whites’ with well-directed boots and fists. When the crunch comes power is the product of force and will, not of rational debate.”
In 1998 Ballard was convicted, along with Griffin, of incitment to racial hatred. Interestingly, he also has form when it comes to latching onto causes the better to promote his nasty brand of fascist politics, as The Independent reported in March 1998. In January of that year, Ballard was one of a number of fascists who attended a People Power Downing Street protest - East London-based People Power was set up in the wake of Daniel Handley's murder to campaign for tougher measures against convicted sex-offenders and soon found itself infiltrated by fascists with a former chairman of the National Front, Ian Anderson, producing its literature.

It is as well to know these things.


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