Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

To all my readers.

I love you all.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

David Taylor MP, a friend of Chen Guangcheng

Back in November 2007 the late David Taylor MP tabled the following early day motion in the House of Commons:

‘That this House notes the four years and three months' imprisonment of 34 year old Chen Guang

Cheng, a blind Chinese human rights activist; further notes his crime consisted of acting on behalf
of women undergoing forcible abortions and sterilisations; further notes that 130,000 women
undergo forcible abortions per year as part of the coercive one-child policy; further notes that after
Cheng's case failed in the Beijing courts he was subsequently imprisoned on trumped up charges
of damaging public property and organising villagers to disrupt traffic; further notes that his
attorneys were detained and prevented from appearing and that neither witnesses nor evidence
were presented for the defence; further notes the detention in September by Chinese police of
Yuan Weijing, the wife of Chen Guang Cheng, to prevent her from going to the Philippines to collect a human rights award on his behalf for his `irrepressible passion for justice in leading
ordinary Chinese citizens to assert their legitimate rights under the law'; further notes with shame
that the Chinese policy is supported with British taxpayers' money through government grants
made to the United Nations Population Fund, the International Planned Parenthood Federation
and Marie Stopes International, all of which finance Chinese family planning yet have failed in 20
years to change the policy of coercive abortion and sterilisation; and calls on the Government to
cancel all grants to groups providing money to countries with coercive family planning policies as
well as demanding that Mr Cheng be released from prison without delay.’

David Taylor MP, a socialist, a humanitarian and a friend of Chen Guangcheng.

Requiescat in pace.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

David Taylor MP RIP

David Taylor MP, one of my political heroes, has died.
Taylor was a prominent Seamless Garmenter, a Pro Life parliamentarian who was also a political leftwinger and close to the Labour Party Campaign Group.
Requiescat in Pace.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Chimes of Freedom: Timi-soara ... Timi-soara ...Timi-soara

On that freezing day 20 years ago, a crowd of Bucharesters had been coralled into Piaţa Palatului, since then gloriously renamed Piaţa Revoluţiei, to be harangued by the semi-senile despot, Nicolae Ceausescu.

At some point during Ceasescu's rant, something amazing happened. Someone, identified by Victor Sebestyen as a taxi-driver called Adrian Donea, shouted "Timisoara", the name of the Transylvanian city where, five days earlier, protests had broken out at government attempts to evict the popular pastor, Lazlo Tokes. The crowd took up the chant: Timi-soara ... Timi-soara ... Timi-soara.

Perched on his balcony far from the people, the dictator froze. The moment of indecision would prove fatal. The chanting grew ever louder. Behind him, his minders scurried around in panic. He spread his hands pleadingly. To no avail; the crowd seemed to be screaming. He gestured again for calm. The screaming continued. Moments later he backed out of the balcony into the doorway. Presently, the crowds and television cameras would see a helicopter, carrying Ceausescu and his hated wife, Elena, taking off from the rooftop.

Let's, for now, forget the extra-judicial farce which was the Ceausescus' show trial - it lasted just an hour - and even worse, their apalling execution. It suffices to note that thus was the revolution disgraced. And let's leave the matter of post-revolution Romania to one side.

Instead let us dwell on this moment, when fear melted away.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

A message from the Left Patform

A bit of insider baseball, this, as the Americans say.

It is respectfully (ha ha) dedicated to Neprimerimye, Splints and Madam Miaow.