Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shout out to the Splintered Sunrise Massive

Big Up.

That's the son of an Anglican bishop pictured, acting a bit daft. But don't forget, boyz 'n' girlz, Tim Westwood, one of the founders of Kiss FM was and is a good DJ.

Yeah yeah yeah word up I've got my man here Ice Cube/Tim Dog/Tupac/Biggie Smalls/Snoop Dog here, so whassup, bro?
Let's talk about the new record.
Stony Silence.
You've been working with Dr Dre
It's out on Death Row Records and there's a lot of controversy around it.
Determined silence
Let's play the record


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There must be something about the sons of Anglican bishops. Neil Hannon, of Divine Comedy fame, is the son of Brian Hannon, former C of I bishop of Clogher. The current bishop of Clogher is called Michael Jackson, but I don't think he's a relation.

Also TV's Hugh Dennis, who is the son of the bishop of St Albans...

1/30/2010 2:51 PM  

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