Friday, February 19, 2010

CPS oversteps its mark, decriminalises assisted suicide - report

Assisted suicide is to be decriminalised by the back door, according to this report in the Telegraph.

Whatever you think of this particular issue - and I'm with the man who is almost always on the side of the angels, Gorgeous George, myself - for the CPS to do this is a total outrage.

Parliament, composed of at least one chamber of democratically elected, accountable politicians should have the job of making laws and parliament alone.

It should not go without comment that this has happened following an extremely emotive, some might say irresponsible campaign by certain lobby groups - yes, unelected, unaccountable lobby groups - such as the Voluntary Euthanasia Society (DiD).

And it should also not go without comment that this story demonstrates just how dire the situtation is for the Catholic Church and Pro Life groups in British politics.

I'll tell you frankly that many of the reasons they're in dire straits are their own. The Catholic Church doesn't just make the unforgiveable mistake of not recruiting the brightest and the best - I can tell you now, the hot politically-engaged zeitgeist-surfers de nos jours are not going to be found on their politicians internship project - it does even worse that that: it appoints people who are totally unsuitable and yes I am talking about Sir Fancy Pants God calls me God or whatever Stephen Wall calls himself these days.

Pro Life groups have allowed themselves to be dominated by the hair-brained schemes of a certain Contessa and as with the Abortion Act seem to have failed to spot the crucial social trend which make demands for assisted suicide more likely, ie a population which is living longer than ever before and thus showing an increasing prevalence of age-related diseases. And the message, what is the message, the tone, the feeling, Pro Life groups give off on this? Probably that they're pro-suffering. That should not be the way it is. Pro Life groups should be getting across the idea that they are pro life, pro people and pro progress. Well, they should have been working on that years ago.

My message to pro life groups is simple and stark: reform or die.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2/21/2010 3:57 AM  
Anonymous Mr. Piccolo said...

Good post. I agree, the pro-life movement has a bad "messaging" problem, if that is the correct way to put it. The problem as I see it is that pro-lifers often don't connect their pro-life stance to other, related issues, creating an broad, coherent pro-life philosophy.

This allows our opponents to tar us as simple, reactionary ogres, when I actually feel the pro-life stance is an extremely progressive one (although my idea of "progress" probably differs from what is commonly associated with that term).

3/01/2010 6:50 PM  

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