Friday, February 19, 2010

What Paul Foot said

"It has been a long tradition in the labour movement that arguments between socialists should be conducted openly and should not, except in extreme circumstances, be tested in the courts by the libel laws.

"Hence this appeal to anyone in the socialist and labour movement who would like to express their disapproval of pursuing political arguments through the law courts."

He was speaking about the libel action brought by Quintin Hoare and Branka Magas against Bookmarks Publications Ltd, Alex Callinicos and ... er, somebody called Lindsey German in 2003.

Given her own experience, I'm sure Lindsey would take a very dim view of anyone who made even the most cursory reference to libel in a political dispute.

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Hat Tip: The peerless Madam Miaow, who has this to say to anyone shocked by this bust up: See, I told you so.


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