Saturday, March 06, 2010

All Out Against Fascism - Bolton 20th March 2010

Isn't this leaflet beautiful? It's calling for people to defend their lives, homes and livelihoods against Mosley's Blackshirt thugs. In 1936 The Battle of Cable Street ended in victory for those on the side of the angels. Mosley had to call off his march through the East End of London.

By way of contrast, wherever fascists set up shop, murderous violence follows. When the BNP parked its headquarters in Welling in South East London in 1989 racist attacks in the area soared by 210 percent, including the murders of Rolan Adams, Rohit Duggal and Stephen Lawrence.

Don't let it happen again.

Show your opposition to the English Defence League and the Combat 18 thugs who regularly attend their marches on 20th March in Bolton. Don't let Muslims be terrorised by racists. Defend religious and human rights.

20th March 2010


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