Monday, March 08, 2010

Double your money with Hope Not Hate

Don't let people be terrorised by fascists. Read this and act on it.

From Nick Lowles at Hope Not Hate

I've got some exciting news and I need you to act on it straight away.

UNISON, the public services trade union, has offered to match every penny that we raise today. These funds will pay for a 12-page booklet featuring articles from Coleen Nolan and Fiona Phillips, among others, which we will send to 300,000 women voters in BNP target areas. We need to reach female voters - our research tells us that they are much less likely to vote BNP than men.

And thanks to UNISON, every pound you donate will be doubled. Can you contribute now and turn your £5 donation into £10?

Today is International Women's Day. But it's something that the BNP will never acknowledge. After all, one senior BNP official proudly wrote on his blog that:

"To suggest that rape, when conducted without violence, is a serious crime is like suggesting force-feeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence."

We need to let every female voter in these key areas know the real truth behind the BNP. We need to let people know that the BNP will only bring more tension and trouble to our communities. We have a rare opportunity at our fingertips - and with your help we'll grasp it. Will you donate £5 now and have your gift doubled by UNISON?

The BNP has a long, soiled record of standing candidates who make disgusting and derogatory statements towards women. They rank women as an inferior class. Today, on International Women's Day, take a stand and make a donation.

We can reach 300,000 voters if you donate to our cause. We'll be speaking to our key vote - but we can't do this without you.

We're so lucky to have UNISON as a partner today - I hope you join me in making the most of this fantastic opportunity. If you were thinking of making a donation before but hesitated, now is the time.

Please donate £5 or whatever you can afford towards our target of £15,000 and UNISON will match your gift:




Blogger vesper said...

Dear Red Maria

During the run up to the Election for the European Parliament, I tried to interact with Nick Lowles at 'Hope not Hate'. My ex-offender's life experience was not only completely ignored, I was humiliated when I turned up for an arranged meeting in Woolwich, only to discover that it had been brought forward to the day before, and nobody had bothered to inform me of the change of plan.

I was born in Deptford and grew up in Deptford Church Street SE8 Mate!

It was working with the late Guardian of Walsingham, Canon David Diamond, the C of E vicar of St Paul's Deptford SE8, that led to me becoming a Roman Catholic.

Canon David Diamond was old school Oxford Movement who didnot support the Ordination of Women.

Father Paul Butler, the latest vicar of St Paul's Deptford SE8 was Nick Lowles 'Hope not Hate' religious spokesman for Deptford & London in the run up to the Election for the European Parliament.

It is fair to say that I do not see eye to eye with the Mayor of Lewisham's contemporary Faith Adviser Father Paul Butler of St Paul's SE8 who wrote 'Also, for the record, I am in favour of the Ordination of Women'. I know Our Lady of the Rosary's, Father Finigan disagrees with Father Butler on this subject.

Father Butler criticises and censures my intellectual input to the Nth degree, which effectively buries alive my Deptford orientated Thames Gateway consultancy experience 1984 -2010.

As a qualified RICS surveyor, I was once responsible for the Unity Project in the London Borough of Southwark in the mid 1980's. The experiences from this project would make a great film for Black History Month 2010. Junior Myers, Peter Eyo, Faith Isiakpere and Elaine Tomlinson can confirm the SOS significance of this groundbreaking project.

In 2002, before I was moved into the Segregation Unit, to await trial for "MUTINY",I had a series of black cellmates during my short stay in the Cat AA prison that was HMP High Down. At the ADJUDICATION my defence stood up to examination, and the Prison Governor, and Tony Blair's Prison's Minister Hilary Benn were both forced to back track and withdraw their false allegations.

Eight years later my FOOTBALL AGAINST RACISM IN EUROPE 1991-2010 case focus has reached a critical legal juncture.

John Austin MP for Erith & Thamesmead can confirm that we have requested a meeting with David Hanson MP, who is Jack Straw's Minister of State for Policing, Crime and Counter-Terrorism, to discuss the evidence 'lost' by Bexley Police after it was sent to them by former MPS Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur's office.

At the next General Election former Met Police Inspector Michael Barnbrook, the malevolent neo-Nazi BNP Police Spokesman, will now be standing as a candidate for MP in the Dagenham and Rainham Parliamentary constituency. Nick Griffin MEP, the BNP's leader will be standing as a candidate for MP in neighbouring constituency of Barking here in London.The BNP are also threatening to put up candidates in both the Bexleyheath and Crayford, and the Old Bexley and Sidcup constituencies in the London Borough of Bexley where I and my family live.

Our Lady of the Rosary pray for us in BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP's EU/GLA/LDA/ODA NEO-NAZI DEVELOPMENT TIMES Amen

Yours sincerely

Roy Hobson aka Our Lady's Vesper ON-LINE +

More From: 's cityofsharedstories YouTube - Roy Hobson's anti-Nazi performance in Barking & Dagenham 2007 (From Dark to Light Too)

8 Badlow Close,
Kent DA8 3SA

Mobile No:07732 638 379


3/10/2010 2:45 AM  

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