Thursday, March 04, 2010

Emergency Demonstration against the EDL Friday 5th March 2010

From UAF

All out to stop the EDL in London

Assemble 11am, Friday 5 March

Houses of Parliament, London

Londoners will be gathering at 11am outside the Houses of Parliament on Friday to protest against the racist English Defence League. The EDL is a group of violent hooligans with links to the fascist British National Party. It wants to march through London to intimidate and harass Muslims and other ethnic minorities.
It is many years since a fascist or racist organisation has openly tried to march in London. That is why it is vital to get as large a turnout of anti-fascists as possible tomorrow to tell the EDL's thugs that their brand of race hate is not wanted here. If they do not meet any opposition, they may go on the rampage against Asians and others, as they did in Stoke-on-Trent in January.
Peter Hain MP, veteran anti-racist and founder of the Anti Nazi League, said today: "The English Defence League, together with their allies the BNP, represent a racist and fascist threat – not just to Muslims but to our Black, Asian and Jewish citizens too. I hope there will be a big mobilisation to oppose their march on Parliament." He is one of several MPs, trade unionists and campaigners to have signed an open letter against the EDL.
Tell everyone you know to try and get to the Houses of Parliament for 11am. We will be gathering outside the main entrance to the Parliament buildings. Further decisions wil be made on the day, depending on what the EDL tries to do. If you can't get there for 11am, please come along later if you can. We should be there for a few hours at the very least. Updates on the day will appear on the UAF Twitter feed – go to or check the box on this website.


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