Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Griff nach der Weltmach, the sequel by Sinead O'Connor, published by Loonybins Press

OK, so this is where we're at: I've now caught out FOUR (4) people talking the most egregious crap about a document - and how many times do I have to say this? - EASILY AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET IN ENGLISH TRANSLATION?

Christopher Hitchens, Johann Hari, Peter Tatchell and now Sinead O'Connor on Newsnight last night and what the hell were the producers thinking of putting her on national television? O'Connor is, how can I put this politely? A complete fruitloop/delusional/badly out of her depth, choose whichever you fancy. Last night she gave a bizarre rambling performance, jabbing a pen in the camera's direction and lolling around on her seat.

For crying out loud. The woman thinks she shares in the apostolic succession.

And Newsnight calls her on to talk about a Vatican document. They may as well have asked David Icke. 

The lesson to take away from all this: you can't rely on secondary sources. The authors might be and in this case are lying their heads off.

Look I'll make it easy for you.

Here it is. Read it yourselves.


Funny moment of the programme (for me). Gavin Esler turned to my old mucker, Austen Ivereigh (for it was he) and asked if he knew about the Ryan Report.

Yes, he did indeed.

How do I know?

Because I read it first - cover to bleeding cover, all of it, not just the executive summary - and identified the highlights for him.


Another darkly humourous moment: Sinead O'Connor, or Mother Bernadette Mary as she is also known, struggling with a peice of text and trying to argue that it was the order from the centre for a cover up. Look, I think she's a sweet, well-intentioned if mixed-up woman. Honestly I do. But Fritz Fischer II she aint.

Word of advice to Sinead: don't give up the day job.

One other thing: if you think Newnsight is out-of-order in allowing a poor unstable woman to say crazy things about Crimen sollicitationis and mislead the public on national television, here's a link to its blog. Leave a comment. Tell them what you think.

If you didn't see the programme, watch it on iplayer here. The Catholic Church sex-abuse segment with Sinead O'Connor and Austen Ivereigh is around 35 minutes in.


Blogger Crux Fidelis said...

The same Sinead O'Connor whose brother has publicly doubted her sanity? The same Sinead O'Connor who rubbished poor Bono - the man who gave her a start in the business? Now that really is scraping the barrel.

3/31/2010 3:09 AM  

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