Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Michael Foot 23 July 1913 - 3 March 2010

Michael Foot, former Labour Party leader, has died aged 96.

He was a towering figure in British politics.


Blogger vesper said...

Joan Ruddock was was chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament when Addey & Stanhope's Deptford Team 1987 backed her to replace the late John Silkin at the CND meeting UNDERNEATH THE ARCHES that was attended by Michael Foot and Bruce Kent.

During this meeting I handed full details of the Reigate Emergency Communications Centre, for which I was the RICS qualified project surveyor, to Bruce Kent and CND.

Tomorrow is Addey and Stanhope School's Founders Day and I shall be presenting my JUSTICE NOT VENGEANCE FOCUS 1991-2010 case for the defence against neo-Nazi entry-ism into London's Sporting/Planning Arena to Addey & Stanhope's Deptford Team 2010.

RIP Michael Foot

3/03/2010 6:49 AM  
Blogger David Lindsay said...

Brilliant orator, sparkling writer, and man of culture, allegations that could no more be made against Thatcher than against Blair.

Consistent enemy and sharp denigrator of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin, in stark contrast to Churchill on all three counts.

Like Enoch Powell, an opponent of the ultimate violence, namely the splitting of the very atom to belligerent ends.

Successful obstructer of constitutional vandalism, again with Powell.

Valiant in the cause of national sovereignty, not least against Thatcher.

Deliverer of a full legislative programme without an overall majority.

Given the Leadership at the wrong time by the votes of cynical MPs who had already decided to set up the SDP and voted for him in order to give themselves an excuse.

Defender of the Falkland Islands when Thatcher had been astounded to find herself taken at her word by Argentina.

Leader whose manifesto did not contain much of what people think it did, but did contain numerous measures that have since been enacted, by no means only since 1997, so that the other lot were clearly just waiting for the Mad Woman to go back to her attic.

Leader whose vote combined with that of the premature and fatally flawed SDP was higher than that of Thatcher even in the post-Falklands days, as that of Labour and the SDP would also be in 1987.

And therefore identified by New Labour as part, or even as the very embodiment, of the problem.

No wonder that the seat from which he led the Labour Party is now held by an Old Labour patriot and social conservative who is therefore not a member of the Labour Party, but rather defeated its candidate at the polls.

3/03/2010 10:26 AM  
Blogger vesper said...

Yesterday morning's Founders Day Service, involving Addey & Stanhope School's children at St Alfege's Greenwich, was brilliant in the extreme, and I gave CAPITA's representatives contemporary details of the Old Scholars' FOOTBALL AGAINST RACISM IN EUROPE case for the defence against NF/BNP entry-ism into London's Sporting/Planning Arena 1991-2010, plus 2010 contact details for Faith Isiakpere the Old Addeyan 'Children of Africa' film producer in South Africa, and last but not least a book on St Alfege the English Martyr.

Michael Foot's legacy will today see Joan Ruddock MP for Lewisham Deptford visiting Addey & Stanhope School in Deptford. Several million pounds worth of recession busting investment has been secured for the development of the school's sporting, kitchen, dining and classroom facilities, and our poor UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY Deptford School is showing Eton's Old Boy's how to regenerate London.

"WISHGOLD 2010-2018 & BEYOND"

3/05/2010 3:34 AM  

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