Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Justice, no peace

A few days ago, Unite against Fascism joint secretary, Weyman Bennett was charged with conspiracy to commit violent disorder, according to reports. Rather than soberly noting these facts and reserving judgement until a jury of Bennett's peers sees fit to return its verdict on the matter, Harry's Place, still relentlessly pursuing its vendetta against the anti-Zionist left, used the occasion to indulge in an unlovely tirade against Bennett and his party.

Bennett, remember, remains innocent until he is proven otherwise before a court.

Earlier this week it also emerged that the Metropolitan Police has paid damages to protesters it unlawfully arrested during the G8 protests.

It's as well to bear these things in mind before rushing to judgement when a political activist finds himself at loggerheads with the filth.


Blogger vesper said...

Dear Red Maria

When faced with a similar legal scenario in 1991 I deliberately broke my conditions of bail by going to sit down inside the Old Addeyans FC/Densitron International plc football clubhouse in Blackheath Park. This conscious decision forced Greenwich Magistrates to send me to HMP Belmarsh on remand, thereby bringing my Londoner's individual case for the defence against neo-Nazi entry-ism to the inside of the Cat AA prison system prison, and to the critical mass that was/is a prison population in deep, deep crisis too.

From my 'Hellmarsh' prison cell I wrote to Dr Brian Hanson at St James's Palace. Dr Hanson had interviewed me for a place on a course to Oxford, Rome, and Villa Lante for HRH The Prince of Wales's Institute of Architecture, and I had also been forced to hand over my invitation from Francois Spoerry to attend the launch of the English translation of his book at Royal Yacht Club.

Dr Hanson wrote back thanking me for keeping him informed, and I passed his letter on to Judge Smith on the very first day of CID Greenwich's pro NF/BNP prosecution Regina v Hobson 1991. Two not guilty verdicts (ABH & Threats to Kill) and almost twenty years on, I am still fighting for a fare JUSTICE NOT VENGEANCE FOCUS expose. A hard copy of the trial manuscript is available on request.

My MP John Austin recently informed me at Erith Library that Tony Dawson is no longer the Bexley Borough Police Commander. John Austin recently wrote to Jack Straw supporting my complaint to the IPCC about the complete lack of response from Bexley Borough Police Commander Tony Dawson's office to my FOOTBALL AGAINST RACISM IN EUROPE 1991-2010 case development work.

It is now more than 5 years since John Austin MP wrote to the former Met Commissioner Sir John Stevens on my behalf regarding crucial legal issues raised by my FOOTBALL AGAINST RACISM IN EUROPE (fare) 1991-2010 legal case.

Since then we have been treated to a scenario of ignored communications, lost files, conveniently manufactured delays, and associated IPCC bias. When we defeated the IPCC & Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis on these FARE Human and Civil Rights issues on the 28th February 2007 in Court No 1 at the Royal Courts of Justice before the Honourable Mr Justice Goldring, the RECORD OF EVENTS presented to the Court fully detailed the shameful attempts at joint cover up by the Met Police and the IPCC that occurred after the Erith Sector, Police and Community meeting at Erith Town Hall on the 3rd February 2005.

As a qualified surveyor with a duty of care to London's wider community I have not lost any files, I have responded to all correspondence, and my records 1991-2010 are 100% up to date and available for inspection by David Hanson MP, the Police Minister at the Home Office, and/or Jack Straw at the Justice Ministry. This will enable Parliament to assert itself in the face of constructive obstruction, and contempt for The Rule of Law that both my MP and I have both been subjected to.

At the next General Election former Met Police Inspector Michael Barnbrook, the malevolent neo-Nazi BNP Police Spokesman, will now be standing as a candidate for MP in the Dagenham and Rainham Parliamentary constituency. Nick Griffin MEP, the BNP's leader will be standing as a candidate for MP in the neighbouring Parliamentary constituency of Barking. The BNP are also threatening to put up candidates in both the Bexleyheath and Crayford, and the Old Bexley and Sidcup constituencies in the London Borough of Bexley.

Our Lady of the Rosary pray for us in BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP's EU/GLA/LDA/ODA NEO-NAZI DEVELOPMENT TIMES Amen

Yours sincerely

Roy Hobson aka Our Lady's Vesper ON-LINE +


3/24/2010 10:14 AM  
Anonymous skidmarx said...

Good post, nice to see someone knows which side they're on.

3/26/2010 5:03 AM  

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