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Friday 23 April CWU Call Centre Workers' Love Music Hate Racism Gig

A host of top cutting-edge music acts, including NME Shockwaves nominees, They’re all Projects, are joining forces to fight racism and fascism at a Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) gig organised by call–centre workers from the Communication Workers Union (CWU) at the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch on Friday 23th April.
Mark Kavanagh vocalist and guitarist for They’re all Projects said, “Fighting racism and fascism has never been more important. In the General Election the BNP could gain ground unless we do everything we can to mobilise people against them. Friday night will not just be a celebration but an opportunity to gather those forces together.”
The music at the gig will be as diverse as the city it is being performed in, from melodic indie through mellow swing to the hottest ragga. Other acts performing at the event include Mr Ghost’s Hot Steppers and Because We Can. Mr, Ghost’s Hot Steppers are an eclectic seven piece. Their sound is a fusion of old-time swing beats and skiffle and they dress in a retro style to match their music.
CWU Pell and Bales vice chair and gig organiser, Pat Carmody commented, “We’ve got a cracking line up of acts for the gig this Friday. As trade unionists we know only too well that our rights are under threat when Nazis are allowed to march and spread their racist filth.
“As well as leafleting in Barking and joining the protests against the racist EDL, we can start to involve a layer of new young workers against the BNP and the EDL. We can use our trade unions to sponsor and organize events that put young anti-racists at the heart of the fight against the BNP and also recruit these young workers to our unions.”
LMHR uses the energy of the British music scene to celebrate diversity and involve people in anti-racist and anti-fascist activity as well as to urge people to vote against fascist candidates in elections.
The CWU Capital branch Call Centre Workers’ LMHR gig takes place at the Old Blue Last, 39 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3ES. Doors open at 8pm.


Blogger vesper said...

Dear Red Maria

Like me, Chris Leeds the Joy of Sound Development Officer, lives on the Larner Road Estate, although I not sure if his house-block 10-50 Larner Road is included in the Larner Road Tenants Association catchment area, as the architecture is more recent than the original estate with has seven 15 storey tower blocks, etc.

Yesterday on St George's Day, Chris Leeds informed me that this year's Joy of Sound event 'Sensorium' April 30th / May 1st, is "free - so just turn up" , I would imagine though that performing opportunities would be limited to acts that are already programmed in. Also on St George's Day the Royal Mail kindly delivered my local C of E Tory David Evennett's campaign leaflet, and a letter from the IPCC detailing their latest attempt to bury the FOOTBALL AGAINST RACISM IN EUROPE legal development work 1991-2010 that John Austin, my retiring MP, and I had progressed as far as the office of the Police Minister David Hanson when the General Election was called on April 6th 2010.

This morning I signed for 8 boxes of leaflets while I was waiting for Daniel Francis to arrive at the Bexley Labour HQ in Bexley Road, which is a 'Real Labour' beehive campaign centre for the Erith & Thamesmead candidate Teresa Pearce. Somebody had attached the flag of St George to one the piers next to the entrance gate, so I happily sang Jerusalem while I stood guard over the 8 boxes which included copies of the Labour manifesto.

The BNP Parliamentary AGENT FROM HELL 666, for the Erith & Thamesmead constituency 999, is Mr Michael Barnbrook, 24 Holbeach Gardens, Sidcup, Kent DA15 8QW, which is on the doorstep of Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School, in Father Finigan's Parish in Sidcup.

Former Met Police Inspector Michael Barnbrook, the malevolent neo-Nazi BNP Police Spokesman, has bottled out of standing as a candidate for MP in Father Finigan's Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Blackfen ("PAPA RATZI ORA PRO NOBIS!"), which is in the late Sir Edward Heath's Old Bexley & Sidcup constituency, and he has run away to hide in Dagenham & Rainham, where the shadow of the odious BNP leader Nick Griffin is casting it's sinister spell of darkness over Barking. Unfortunately Michael Barnbrook will still be standing for Bexley Council in the East Wickham Ward.

At the next General Election former Met Police Inspector Michael Barnbrook, the malevolent neo-Nazi BNP Police Spokesman, will now be standing as a candidate for MP in the Dagenham and Rainham Parliamentary constituency. Nick Griffin MEP, the BNP's leader will be standing as a candidate for MP in the neighbouring Parliamentary constituency of Barking. It has now been confirmed that the BNP are also putting up candidates in all three London Borough of Bexley constituencies : Stephen James in Bexleyheath and Crayford : Kevin Saunders in Erith & Thamesmead : John Brooks in Old Bexley and Sidcup constituencies in the London Borough of Bexley.

Our Lady of the Rosary pray for us in BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP's EU/GLA/LDA/ODA NEO-NAZI DEVELOPMENT TIMES Amen

Yours sincerely

Roy Hobson aka Our Lady's Vesper ON-LINE +

More From: 's cityofsharedstories YouTube - Roy Hobson's anti-Nazi performance in Barking & Dagenham 2007 (From Dark to Light Too)

8 Badlow Close,
Kent DA8 3SA

Mobile No:07732 638 379

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