Saturday, May 22, 2010

Marie Stopes International's London meeting with China's minister of forced sterilisation

Marie Stopes International's (MSI) abortion advert due to be screened this week on Channel 4 has garnered an awful lot of press attention. Completely unnoticed by the press, however, was the visit paid to MSI's plush London headquarters last week by a significant overseas dignitary. Strangely MSI declined to press release this important event. So it has been left to the Tibet Truth organisation to issue a communiqué about the matter. I publish it here without comment.

Attention of Women In London

Our subscribers are deeply shocked, and opposed to the visit to the London Offices of Marie Stopes International today by Ms Lin Bin, Minister of China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission.
As your organization will be very aware women's human rights, and reproductive freedoms inside communist China, and occupied nations such as Tibet and East Turkestan, are grossly violated by China's program of forced sterilizations and forced abortions, which despite the presence for decades of multi-lateral population agencies such as IPPF, UNFPA and Marie Stopes have not been moderated and continue to inlflict the most appalling abuses upon women
The fine work that Marie Stopes International is doing around the world is not at all assisted by its presence in China, nor by its support of the Chinese population control program, which over the years it seems multi-lateral population agencies have appeared very unwilling to publicly critcise, even when aware of medical atrocities its generates.
Any individual or organization genuinely committed to a woman's right to freedom of choice and control over her own body would strongly object to Marie Stopes International welcoming of Ms. Lin Bin, as reflected in our paper http://tibettruth. files.wordpress. com/2010/ 05/icpdpaper. pdf and today's guest opinion on site http://tibettruth. com/2010/ 05/19/welcome- to-marie- stopes-madame- sterilization/
Greeting Minister Lin today is no advancement of women's reproductive rights, any more than shaking hands with the Khymer Rouge's Pol Pot would have championed the cause of freedom and rights in Cambodia. It is a disappointing occasion for any who respect the other laudable work conducted by organizations such as yours, and will not be at all welcomed by Tibetan, Chinese or Uyghur women, who continue to suffer harrowing violations as a consequence of China's population program.

Tsering Yangchen


Over to you, Laurie Penny.


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