Thursday, July 01, 2010

Spot the difference

What, bombs in Brum Baghdad, you're 'aving a laugh intcha, guvnor? Naaah, they aint bombs, mate, that booming noise you can 'ear is the Josemaria Escriva memorial reggae sound clash and fireworks display, innit. Oy, see this box daahn 'ere, full of bottles of the purest lweel de serpent, special offer, twenny quid the lot.

The story everyone is talking about

So rumours are flying around on the internet, private lives are being held up for public consumption, there's talk of an injuction on the one hand and members of the team in open rebellion against the skipper on the other. Yes, it must be tough at Brum Oratory these days.

Memo to Felix Seldon and Ignatius Harrison: bring the boys back home.

Don't mess with God or you'll end up like this man

I've said it before and will say it again: don't mess with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses. Just don't do it or you might end up like Colin Hall.

Colin Hall, the Lord Mayor of Leicester, if you please, sounds like the kind of up-himself crashing bore I'd cross the road to avoid: a suburban twit who exercises his petty local powers by banning council prayers, much to the approval of the dreary British Humanist Association.

God retaliated.

And I mean, big time.

I repeat: don't mess with Him. It's really not worth it.

This is what happened to Colin Hall when he messed with the Almighty.

Hat tip: The sublime Church Mouse.