Thursday, July 01, 2010

Don't mess with God or you'll end up like this man

I've said it before and will say it again: don't mess with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses. Just don't do it or you might end up like Colin Hall.

Colin Hall, the Lord Mayor of Leicester, if you please, sounds like the kind of up-himself crashing bore I'd cross the road to avoid: a suburban twit who exercises his petty local powers by banning council prayers, much to the approval of the dreary British Humanist Association.

God retaliated.

And I mean, big time.

I repeat: don't mess with Him. It's really not worth it.

This is what happened to Colin Hall when he messed with the Almighty.

Hat tip: The sublime Church Mouse.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really? Dropping pants? That's all he can do? Huh. Must've run out of locusts... or the mayor had no babies to kill I guess. In any case, pretty weak for a supposed god.

7/20/2010 8:59 AM  

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