Sunday, August 15, 2010

The story that cannot be contained

They say that in Birmingham's Catholic churches these days pious Mass goers do the sign of the cross and then defiantly raise their fists in the Black Power sign. And they sing, oh Lord, how they sing:

Freeeee the Brum Three
So many tears in captivity

You're so blind that you cannot see
You're so deaf that you cannot hear them
You're so dumb that you cannot speak
Freee the Brum Three

Despite the best efforts of the Oratorian leadership this story will not go away. First there was a low rumbling on the blogosphere accompanied by ostensibly restrained stories in the press which fairly breathed with knowing hints. Then there was the constant drumbeat of resistance from outraged Catholics demanding to know what the hell was going on in Brum Oratory. Now Ruth Dudley Edwards, who I last saw taking on Sean Matgamna at a Workers' Liberty debate on the Easter Rising, has well and truly blown the lid off the thing. Nice one, comrade!

No wonder Jack Valero has come over all bloodied but unbowed and quoting Invictus at us on Twitter.

Irony of ironies, guess who else did so on his remote prison island all those years ago. The spirit moves in mysterious ways, does it not?

H/T Splintered Sunrise and James Preece.