Sunday, October 31, 2010

Congratulations on your ordination, Father Vincent

Vincent Malone was ordained priest at St Mellitus Church, Tollington Park yesterday. Unfortunately your humble blogger couldn't be there for the occasion but Vincent spent some time at my parish as a deacon - his time intersected with that of the late and sorely missed Father Edward Houghton - and he struck me as a good egg. Hence his ordination is a worthy matter of blogging record.

Father Edward was a spiritual superstar whose ministry blazed briefly but oh so brightly in the year he was with us. I'm sure that Father Vincent will be a good priest in Father Edward's mould.

This post cannot end without some acknowledgement of the challenges which face new priests like Father Vincent. The English Church is at the moment a flabby class-ridden thing overburdened by a layer of self-serving social-climbing bureaucratic nonentities which lacks focus and direction. That's the truth of the matter and there's no point in sanitising it. That isn't to say that she isn't capable of turning herself around, trimming the fat and renewing herself; obviously she is. Hope for her future rests to a significant extent with the Father Vincent Malones of this world and his generation of new and one hopes, passionately Catholic priests. Theirs is an awesome responsibility; to be true shepherds in the hour of the wolf. I'm confident that Father Vincent is up to the task.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Come and sue me if you think you're bad enough. Boom boom!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Young, gifted and black ... and stopped and searched

OK, so you're lucky enough to be young, gifted and black and even luckier to be driving to Selfridges with a wad of cash in your pocket which you're planning to spend on some fancy shmattes to wear that evening because luckier still, you've been invited to Tinie Tempah's launch party.

Then the plod pull you over.

At around 7.30 earlier this evening hot young British R 'n' B star, Loick Essien (for it was he) was stopped and searched by Met police officers who found the cash - approximately £500, I'm told - asked him where he'd got it from and told him he had to explain its provenance or that they would confiscate it.

However, our man on the late night shift at the Met's press office says Essien was pulled over because his car wasn't registered, that he was carrying "significantly more" than £500 and far from being told that the cash would be confiscated was given some "words of advice" about carrying such large sums around with him.

But Essien's feisty manager, Natalie, is having none of it, telling me that when Essien called her during the incident and handed the phone to one of the police officers, she too was told that the money would be confiscated if it couldn't be explained how Essien came into its possession. She points out that the police officer she spoke to even demanded that she fax over Essien's contract with Sony.

Apparently it was only when some Sony letterheaded documentation was found in Essien's car that the police officers realised that they had indeed stopped a recording artist of some repute and should perhaps have been asking him for his autograph rather than quizzing him about his finances.